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What religion am I? Help?

.I believe in a god, a higher power, but I have no specifics about god other than: God is very libertarian/independent, meaning God will help you out if you absolutely need something, and I think God does not care what we do as long as we do not harm another person intentionally unless in defense (not revenge either) I believe we should not judge others, even in thought, because thinking of your ego as superior to another makes you feel more misanthropic and gives you more hatred, but do not lower compare yourself either, the person next to you is more similar to you than you think, even if they have different interests or thoughts. (just a moral thing not really a metaphysical thing) I'm unsure of the afterlife, whether there is one or not, I mean I've seen some strange things that people would automatically label 'ghosts', but I can't say I've experienced that too often to say it could be more than a coincidence. God isn't going to give you something just because you want it, only if you need it, but once in a while God will give you a treat for good behavior. Suffering happens at man's own hands, those issues you shall resolve yourself (unless it is something like life or death) Why do natural disasters happen? I have no idea, but I don't believe God controls all things that go on, just certain things. I put my trust in God equally as I put my trust in myself. I don't believe in Jesus or any prophets really


  1. you know http://www.beliefnet.com/ has that belief-o-matic quiz maybe you should try it? i took it and it was right on Unitarian Universalism
  2. A general Theist.
  3. Does it really matter?
  4. You sound deist but you might try this little quiz. I've been told it helped a few people figure out what path they might feel connected to in exploring as their own. http://www.beliefnet.com/Entertainment/Quizzes/BeliefOMatic.aspx edit: In honor/memory of a beloved Yahoo chat contact/friend who passed a number of years ago and who taught me much about his Deism, I'll share with you the website that he gave to me to help me learn more about them and their path. http://www.sullivan-county.com/deism.htm Here is a BRIEF excerpt from the many pages of information you'll find there Thomas Paine The man best known that defines traditional Deism the best is Thomas Paine. Most focus on his attacks on Christianity, but not what he believed. Quoting Paine, "I believe in one God, and no more; and I hope for happiness beyond this life." "The moral duty of man consists in imitating the moral goodness and beneficence of God manifested in the creation toward all his creatures. That seeing, as we daily do, the goodness of God to all men, it is an example calling upon all men to practice the same toward each other." "I trouble not myself about the manner of future existence. I content myself with believing, even to positive conviction, that the power that gave me existence is able to continue it in any form and manner he pleases, either with or without this body" (Age of Reason). "I consider myself in the hands of my Creator, and that he will dispose of me after this life consistently with his justice and goodness" (Private Thoughts on a Future State) "We believe in the existence of a God, and in the immortality of the soul." "Were man impressed as fully and as strongly as he ought to be with the belief of a God, his moral life would be regulated by the force of that belief; he would stand in awe of God and of himself, and would not do the thing that could not be concealed from either. ... This is Deism." About Thomas Paine Thomas Paine on Deism Thomas Paine Age Of Reason: Editor's Introduction Age of Reason Part I Age of Reason Part II Letters Concerning the "Age of Reason" Thomas Paine, Apostle of Freedom As the fourth century "Church Father" Jerome wrote: "The Jews insist upon a literal interpretation of the Scriptures based on thirteen rules, but we know that the spiritual interpretation is far superior." To quote Thomas Paine, Each of those churches shows certain books, which they call revelation, or the Word of God. The Jews say that their Word of God was given by God to Moses face to face; the Christians say, that their Word of God came by divine inspiration; and the Turks say, that their Word of God (the Koran) was brought by an angel from heaven. Each of those churches accuses the other of unbelief; and, for my own part, I disbelieve them all. Failure of Thomas Paine Thomas Paine's Age of Reason was an attempt to save Deism from the onslaught of atheism and extremism in France. It failed in several respects: 1.It alienated Paine from many people such as George Washington and John Adams by his open attacks on Christianity. 2.In America and England, Deism was closely intertwined with Unitarianism and operated within the fringes of liberal Christianity. The Age of Reason and the reaction to it served to sever it totally from Christianity, just as Paul severed Christianity from Judaism. 3.The Age of Reason for many merely became a weapon for undermining Christianity, not promoting Deism. Paine so buried his religious beliefs in anti-Christian rhetoric it's easy to define him as an atheist, something he clearly wasn't. 4.This led to new a counter-offensive by Christianity called the 2nd Awakening. 5.His view of God is so poorly defined that some such as political science professor Fruchtman (Towson State Univ., Md.) "argues that Paine was a pantheist who saw God's handiwork in all nature and in humanity's struggles to improve the common good." See Thomas Paine, Apostle of Freedom.
  5. "But I have no specifics about god other than: *Lists several paragraphs*" Congratulations, you are a Theist who likes to come up with his own ideas about god...
  6. You're certainly a Deist - you should read the Age of Reason by Thomas Paine a notable Deists of the Revolutionary era.
  7. What kind of god only has limited power as you describe? That would be no kind of god at all. Follow the logic, if there is a God then He is all powerful and knows you and your intimate details, then he can stop natural disasters. An all powerful God would know you better than yourself. The Bible says God knows the number of hairs on your head, and that He formed you in your mothers womb. That sounds like a God to me!
  8. If you believe in God you must believe in his Word, the Bible. The Bible says Jesus is the Son of God If you dont believe that you dont believe in God. There is only one true God the God of the Bible. All other gods are false and wont save you. Allah, Buddha, Confucious, etc wont save you. We are not to judge people lest we be judged but we should expose sinful behavior not tolerate it. The Word of God is what judges people. If is our life owners manual. We follow it our life goes much better and ends in victory forever.
  9. My first thought was "why do you feel you need a religion?" But then I remembered that I was where you are now and joined a religion just for the sense of community. The trouble with religion, though, is their dogma. I belong to a good community where I do not buy into a lot of their dogma, and they don't know ALL my beliefs as that is non of their business. It works for me. Also, I do not consider myself a religious person. At all. Don't be in a rush to define yourself to any religion, let alone join one. Take your time and study them. And find others on the net who are of like mind, you may be surprised at how many are out there.