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what are good quotes for editing pictures?

.i love to edit pictures of me & my friends. i like to add cute or funny friendship quotes to the pictures, but i ran out of ideas for quotes. if anyone knows a good website or some good quotes, that would be really helpful . (: please & thank youu (:


  1. "a tear drop can be defined by any emotion." -Alexia Ulibarri
  2. rock n roll aint noise polution rock n roll aint gonna die kenderis ine protos - - - kenderis ine protos (kenderis is first - - the words when costas kendris won the 200m at sydney olympics)
  3. Here is some- "your friends will be with you through good times and bad, but your BFFs will create the good times and even the bad" "Friends like this comes along once in a great, great, while" "Real friends like this don't write ILY they write the only one that means it I LOVE YOU!" "sisters dont have to be relatives they can be best friends too" "Friends, friends, through and through, together forever me and you!"
  4. Celebrate the happiness that friends are always giving, make every day a holiday and celebrate just living!