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Where can I find true to life inspirational stories?

.I need a site where in I can read about those stuff such as inspirational stories, love stories, success stories, funny stories or any story that will surelay a reader will enjoy.


  1. http://www.writerscafe.org This is a site I've been recommending for a while. I used this site myself for some months, putting up already published stuff to leave open to review and discussion, which happened very well. Once some reviewed my work, I was invited directly (by the site) to review their work as well, and everything kept turning that way. If I'd chosen to put up new work, it would have been safe there. They guarantee that once your chosen name is on your work with a date, it's yours only [which is true in any case, though I wouldn't put on work I want to publish in ordinary media (not online) later]-- There are many many writers on this site, which has been going for a year at the very least, and so there are many kinds of writing. I read a lot, because much of the writing is good. There are stories such as you describe there. I particularly found inspiration in the poetry, and there are 'love' (romance), 'success' (achievement), and 'funny' (humor) stories and poems to read constantly; there for you to enjoy and also leave a comment for the writer if you wish. There are contests for particular genres, so if you seek those, you can read the best the site has to offer (according to that contest judge: they are other writers; the contests are for fun and confidence-building) in a genre you like. I think you'll enjoy it. Just check it out; it's free and safe. ADD: A great many of these stories are true, as you can tell by reading them. When you (may) get into a dialogue with the writer, he/she will tell you it is true. Many people use their own experience as a basis for poems in particular, and also for many of these stories. Of course fantasy and sci-fi will not necessarily be so. ;-}