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Cute Short Love Quotes Questions Answered!

  1. What are some short cute love quotes or sayings to put on a picture frame?

    I'm buying a picture frame and having it engraved for my girlfriend for our 1 year anniversary. But the place is charging 3 dollars a word so I'm a bit limited. Is there any cute short love quotes or sayings I can use that anyone can suggest.( nothing to cheesy, want something romantic and cute )

  2. Love quotes to add as caption to a facebook picture?

    I'm gonna add a new picture of me to facebook. And I always like having some kind of caption. . I would like a cute short love quote or song lyrics that could go well with it . Any suggestions please help. Thanks :)

  3. what are some cute love poems or quotes or sayings?

    I am making my boyfriend of 4 years a photo frame scrapbook-like thing for Valentine's Day. I need some cute short love quotes to put around the pictures of us. any ideas??

  4. What are some really cute short quotes like the following?

    What are some really cute, short quotes like the following? "some people care too much, i think it's called love." - winnie the pooh also, winnie the pooh has a lot of cute quotes, who are some other people/fictional characters that have cute quotes too?

  5. What are some websites that have really cute quotes?

    I am trying to find some funny cute love quotes or funny jokes but i can't seem to find any. HELP!!

  6. What are so short cute love quotes for facebook ?

    I'm Wanting some short & quote love quotes. 10 points best answer :] thanks !

  7. What are some quotes to stencil on walls?

    I'm looking for cute, short quotes to stencil on my wall. Anyone got any ideas?

  8. What are some really good/cute/short loves quotes?

    i want some really good cute & short little quotes. :p like ' something i could put as my facebook status er' sumthinn. :)

  9. what is a really cute but really short love quote?

    what is a really cute but really short love quote?

  10. What are some good quotes for msn?

    I've been looking forever to find quotes for my msn pm./msn name. I can't find anything that can fit in the limit of characters on pm. So just some short, cute love quotes. or life quotes or quotes from bands would be perfect. Thanks in advance .