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Famous Love Quotes Questions Answered!

  1. What is the most famous quote from the movie Titanic?

    I am OBSESSED with this movie, and i would like to know what the most famous quote/love quote from it is. either is fine:)

  2. Give me some famous quotes about being selfish in life in a positive way?

    Give me some famous quotes about being selfish in life in a positive way like being selfish is the only way to live happly !

  3. If you love someone, does it take forever to forget them?

    BQ: What are some famous love quote or sayings and what is your favorite?

  4. What's a famous quote about choosing what is right instead of what is easy?

    I'm looking for a famous quote that says that someone should choose what is right/best instead of what is easy.

  5. What is your favorite quote/saying or just the most inspirational words you've heard?

    i love quotes, tell me your favorite quote, may it be from your mother or someone famous. it can be heartbreaking or heartwarming, put some thought into it. and please remember to give credit where credit is due.

  6. What is the most famous quote about love?

    What is the most famous quote about love? Simple. Or better yet, which quote about love is your favorite?

  7. Do any of you find all these love quotes annoying?

    I went on facebook and half of my news feed was love quotes haha, I think they are a pathetic attempt to get boys into treating girls the way they "should" be treated, but idk.

  8. What are good wesites for quotes and other things ?

    Something like photobucket , or cherrybam .com i like to use quotes for my facebook , and things like that . im a teenager so the more girly the better . nothing very serious . but little love quotes . and things like that would be very helpful . thank you .

  9. need a famous quote on work and life balance?

    Can some one post a famous quote or a quotable quote on maintaining work-life balance.I am planning to write an essay on this topic.I have a lot of material , I want to add a killer famous quote to outline my point. Thanks Ideally , such a quote should be short and confined to one sentence.

  10. Is there a way of building a custom list of quotes from selected famous people and get rss from it every day?

    I love quotes from a selection of famous people like Einstein, Churchill, Abe Lincoln, etc. I would like to build a list of quotes ONLY from my selection of authors and get an RSS/Email from that list every day. Does anyone know of any website that allows such customization?