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Funny Inspirational Quotes Questions Answered!

  1. do you know a funny inspirational quote about getting through hard times?

    do you know a funny inspirational quote about getting through hard times? Or just any funny quote about life.

  2. What is a funny yet inspirational movie quote?

    My friend and I are in a club and we've been assigned to say inspirational quotes before every meeting. Now we've both agreed that these meetings need to be spiced up a bit... so we need funny quotes. We'd love funny quotes from like movies and tv shows (popular ones that people would recognize). OH and they can't be too short but at the same time not too too long. Thanks!

  3. Who will share some good senior citizen quotes for my collection?

    I'm looking for funny - inspirational - wisdom type quotes. With author - if known. Some sayings or poems about being forgetful.

  4. What are good quotes for facebook picture captions?

    i need sweet, funny, real, inspirational short quotes for my facebook. please help!

  5. What are your favorite graduation quotes?

    I was looking at some yearbooks, and people are really creative when it comes to finding a funny and inspirational graduation quote. What's your favorite?

  6. Do you have any good quotes that just keep you going and motivated?

    Any hopeful or funny inspirational quotes you can think of? :D

  7. What are some funny inspirational quotes?

    I'm looking for some quotations that are really funny, but inspirational (and also free of anything inappropriate) Thanks!!!

  8. Most favourite football quotes of all time?

    What is the funniest/ inspirational/ most favourite football quote of all time and who said it?

  9. Newsletter/Newspaper ideas for my husband in marine bootcamp?

    I am making a custom newletter for my husband who is in boot camp for the marines. I heard its their life line. I need upbeat things in my newsletter. So far I am putting in : - Comics Section - Funny Pictures I find online - Inspirational quotes - Marine jokes Its going to be on one sheet of paper front and back. So tell me more ideas! Thanks!