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Free Inspirational Poems Questions Answered!

  1. some serious answers for inspirational poems please?

    i would like the actual poems and not the websites- inspirational poems please!

  2. Where can I find true to life inspirational stories?

    I need a site where in I can read about those stuff such as inspirational stories, love stories, success stories, funny stories or any story that will surelay a reader will enjoy.

  3. I need some funny poems or quotes to cheer a friend up?

    Something inspirational, he's really stressed at the moment.

  4. Do you have a favorite inspirational poem, if so what is it?

    I'm a avid reader. I love poems, my favorite poem is entitled if . If you can keep your head when all about you is losing theirs and blaming it on you if you can trust yourself when all men doubt you yet make allowance for their doubting to i want go into the entire poem it's very long

  5. Your thoughts on this poem of a dear friends please?

    Sweet freedoms song A triumphant strain Tinged with a mournful dirge Hinting at the cost. Sweet freedom isn't free ...The price was paid In blood and sweat So we could breathe at ease. Sweet freedoms song Lasts not forever We must rewrite the rhyme. If not the lyrics. Sweet freedoms song We must continue to sing Or freedom is lost To you and I.

  6. What are the kinds of poems according to message?

    Homework. Help please?

  7. what are some poems about the first amendment of the Constitution?

    Where can I find poems about this amendment? please help!

  8. Whats a good quote for my 21st party invitations?

    My 21st birthday party is in November and I am looking for an appropriate quote for the invitations - can be inspirational, funny from a poem or song - something about growing up or living life, or just something random....Any ideas??

  9. Compiling a book of stories, quotes, poems, picts?

    I am interested in putting together a kind of inspirational family book, the thing is I need to get stories, poems, photos, and quotes together from people all over and I'm not sure how to go about getting these things? A blog? Just a website? Any tips would be very much appreciated. Thanks! I know I need to do research...but like, how do I start doing the research? Have a webpage or blog that is asking for the stories etc? I'm just unsure about how to start the research

  10. How can writers use inspiration?

    For instance, let's say I am writing a short about a disaster on a futuristic moon colony (which I'm not really, in case you were wondering!). Now, suppose one day when I was walking to class I saw something inspirational...a frost-covered tree, say, just to be cliched. This scene couldn't possibly be applied to my sci-fi short, as there is no place for crisp dawns or trees on the moon, even though I may have been greatly inspired. So what is the solution? Forget what I have seen and concentrate on the story at hand? Try to work it in to the prose in some way? Or merely scribble it down for future reference and hope that the inspiration can be recaptured from my old notes? Help appreciated- thanks! PS, feel free to browse my 360 page to learn a little more about me and view a tiny portion of my work. Feedback in the form of comments or emails is what I'm looking for!