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Famous Life Quotes Questions Answered!

  1. Any good quotes or ways to begin a Pocahontas speech?

    I have to write and give a speech about Pocahontas. Any ideas on how to begin it? Details to use? Or REAL life quotes from or about her to start it with (NOT from the movie!). That is a good idea, but any specifics? By the way, it is a monologue

  2. what are the best quotes to learn in hamlet?

    hi im just wondering what are the most famous quotes in hamlet?i have studied the play and i don't want to learn all of them.

  3. what is benjamin franklins most famous quote?

    i need one of benjamin franklins most famous quotes, preferably the most famous one, if there is one, THANK YOU!

  4. How did Pope John Paul II inspire people around the world?

    I understand his famous quote "Be not afraid", but how did the pope inspire people around the world?