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Inspirational Motivational Quotes Questions Answered!

  1. what are you favorite inspirational or motivational quotes?

    i plan on printing out some quotes to pin up on my wall. i'd like them to be inpirational/motivational, but i don't like really corny ones. i know that is subjective so go ahead and tell me some of your favorite inspirational/motivational quotes. Oh, i also want the quotes to be rather short in length (no one wants to read a paragraph). and please withhold any religious oriented quotes

  2. What are some motivational quotes for diabetes?

    I'm looking for an inspirational or motivational quotes, it doesn't necessarily have to be about diabetes, but that's what i plan using it for. ...some examples might be "Live each day like it's your last" or "pain is temporary pride is forever" Thanks!

  3. How can I get inspirational/motivational quote text messages?

    Do you know a trustworthy website that sends motivational quotes to your phone free of charge?

  4. What are some cool quotes from characters?

    EXAMPLE: "To infinity and beyond". This is the type of quote I'm looking for. An inspirational, motivational quote, not one like 'eat my shorts'. Can you help me? Thanks.

  5. Does anyone know any motivational quotes I can use to help my friend?

    I've always been knowing for giving good advice/Inspirational and motivational quotes.. They help people and help me feel good because I've gave someone a quote they will always remember. My friend said ''if i could do anything it would be gettin my music out there and singing, but im scared to show everyone:/'' What could a possible quote be? I usually have quotes in my head but just cant think of one to cheer h im up cheers lads;)

  6. What are some inspirational and motivational quotes I can have tattooed on myself? Short and effective?

    I'm looking for some inspirational quotes, that are quite short and powerful that get us all thinking in the smallest amount of words possible, it's to tattoo across the top of my back and I want people to see it and get the same effect from it I would.

  7. What was your most inspirational event?

    Hey everyone, Mine was being on top of a mountain (strictly speaking tall hill) in Wales with some others. It was pouring down, and the wind knocked everyone over, but the guy from the activity place sat us down in a circle and said some inspirational/motivational quotes. The atmosphere was amazing, and at the end we walked down hand in hand. (As cheesy as that sounds) So what was yours?

  8. what is the motivational/ inspirational quote that talks about needing to have rain to have a rainbow?

    what is the motivational/ inspirational quote that talks about needing to have rain to have a rainbow? or to have to go through the storm to reach the sun? I dont know, its not a specific quote but i remember something along those lines.

  9. Inspirational/motivational quotes for camp counsellors?

    I work at a camp and every week we have to come up with an inspirational/motivational thought/quote/story for the fellow staff where I work. Has anyone got anything? Please, not the ones about the starfish or the boy under the tree, we hear them every year at this place and I want something different. Preferably under a page in length.