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What are some fun fundraising ideas for our school's club?

.I am President of our high school's FBLA club (Future Business Leaders of America) and I have been trying to think of some cool fundraising ideas that kids would be excited to participate in. We already have a concessions stand and we do a couple other things during the year but I wanted some fresh ideas. Thanks for any help!


  1. Sports day? you could have races, Long jump, Soccer/Football matches Basketball shooting etc.. you could also keep record of winners and hand out medals which aren't very expensive, You could also hold a talent competition.. or you could organise a school play which is really fun and all members of the community could come and see it, which would raise a lot of money but there is a lot of work in it. you could also hold a fashion show which is really fun too, im sure there is someone in your school that could do sound effects etc.. you can also ask your local shopping centers to help out by letting you model clothes which im sure would be great advertisement for them too.. Hope this helped.. Best of luck =]
  2. Hey Sunny You've got some great ideas so far lets see if we can add to them. You can do things like scratch cards from a professional fundraising company. They come in different formats, some have coupons to restaurants, some just have motivational quotes. The cards raise over $100 a shot. Hand the card to someone, explain what your raising money for and they scratch to reveal a donation amount. You just have to get out there and do it. Get some shirts and paint some class shirts up. Maybe the students get to design their own? How about a BBQ at a local mall some weekend. You can get a table at a local wal mart or someplace. It's a great way to raise money in the summer. Good luck with whatever you pick