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How do i start to stay more focused? I need help with motivation got any ideas?

.im 14 and dont do so well in school and i need motivation and ideas to help my adha got any?


  1. Only Get Allowance, Or Aloud 2 Go Out With Friends, Or Aloud 2 Go On The Internet If U Do Well ?? Or Extra Money Or Treats If U Do Well... Ur Parents Need 2 Be Involved...
  2. Hey Abby, Hopefully I can provide some help. First of all, let's start by saying that staying more focused is one of the greatest challenges for most students. That coupled with getting motivated are probably two of the things that students struggle with most. And they are also two of the most important things we can master as students. Your question is really two questions:) 1) How do you stay more focused and 2) How do you get motivated? I'll answer one at a time... HOW DO I STAY FOCUSED? There are many ways to increase your focus but the main one is setting up an environment that matches the level of focus you want to have. What I mean by this is that most students study in noisy, crowded, distracting environments and wonder why they get distracted all the time. What I'd suggest you do is, if possible, find a quiet place to study and remove all distractions. For example, turn your cell phone on silent (or off) if you have one, shut your door, tell your parents/siblings not to distract you as you're working, put up motivational quotes or slogans on your wall (ie. something inspiring to you). These are all basic ways to increase your focus and you might have heard them before. There is one more way which I find works really well and that is this... Set yourself targets every time you study. Instead of sitting down and being like 'OK, I'm just going to do my homework now' set yourself a little target of 1) Time and 2) Workload. For example next time you have some Math homework to do say this. "Ok, Over the next 30 minutes I'm going to focus just on Math and I'm going to finish my homework that's due tomorrow. At the end of the 30 minutes I will have a break." Now what happens when you set yourself this kind of target is that your brain has something to focus on and attach itself too. It has a task and the mind loves that. What will happen is that when you sit down to study you will find that your mind is a lot more alert. It knows it has a time limit and it knows what it needs to get done. It's like switching it on turbo mode. Does that make sense? I hope I'm being clear. So give that a go (set a time target and work target) each time you sit down to do some study. You will be really impressed with yourself... Now to your other question... HOW DO I GET MOTIVATED Motivation is so important yet it can be so hard to come by, right? Every student has had this experience so first thing to know is that you are not alone:) The way I teach motivation is that it can be split into three elements and I only want to focus on one of them here as I think I've gone on for long enough:) One key to motivation is having a destination. What is a destination? A place where you want to arrive at with your studies. That may be a grade you want to attain in a certain subject. A GPA you want to have at the end of your first year of high school, or even a college you want to study at one day. The key is to just have something that you're aiming for. A destination, which is really like a goal, gives you a target. And a target will always provide you with motivation to hit it yeh? So when people tell me that they are low on motivation I get them to tell me their goals. Almost always their response is "what goals?" "I don't have any." So my advice to you Abby is set some goals for school. Even if they're little ones like I want to get a B in Science (or whatever it is for you). You might say I want to be above average in my class or I want to have a GPA above 3.00. I'm just using numbers to help me explain myself but you choose whatever numbers are right for you. Remember to set goals that excite you. You need to look at them and go, yeh It'd be awesome to get that. Although they might seem hard or too high you will be suprised with what you can accomplish if you focus on something. So for motivation just set yourself some goals. Give yourself some targets and you might even want to put these on your wall where you study to help keep your focused as well as motivated. I hope this helps Abby. Feel free to contact me on Yahoo or visit my site below which has a whole lot more information on this stuff. All the best!