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What are some really encouraging songs? 2013?

.I'm looking for encouraging, motivational, inspirational songs. The kind that would help lift someone's spirit up, someone who's going through a lot of stress in their lives and is in somewhat of a depression. Songs like Move Along, by the All-American Rejects The Middle, by Jimmy Eat World 'Till I Collapse, by Eminem Lose Yourself, by Eminem The Worlds Greatest, by R Kelly or I Believe I Can Fly, by R Kelly. I'm not looking for songs like Eye of the Tiger, Don't Stop Believin', or It's my life. Don't get me wrong, they're good inspirational songs, just not what I'm looking for. Thanks!


  1. Run by Snow Patrol.
  2. bitter end-by veer union, *my mind is clear i have no fear cause now i know the other side of me im letting go of who i use to be now im alive im feeling born again and i will fight until the bitter end,the enemy was living in my head i ripped it out and im feeling born again*love that song!it really helps when someone gets stress or depression check out eye of the storm, get out of your own way and when it rains by the band trapt, it really helps