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Funny Quotes About Love Questions Answered!

  1. What are some cute and funny girly quotes?

    I love to look around for cute and funny quotes about love and boys and stuff. They can be positive or negative, but I usually just find quotes that I don't understand or are meant for adults. Anyone have any younger funnier quotes?

  2. Does anyone know funny love or break up quotes?

    I need funny quotes on love and break up quotes (like love sucks and love is great). Needs to be one liners.

  3. Where can I find good Quotes ?

    Ok so i have this really plain floder, i am trying to spice it up some. I want to add quotes to it. Funny quotes love quotes stuff like that. If you have any to share with me then please feel free to and if you know of a good place to get them please give me the link. Keep in mind that I am on a school computer so it cant have anything about myspace in it and it cant be from photobucket.

  4. Can you help with some funny quotations on love?

    I need some funny quotes on love. Maybe a cartoon charactor. Has anybody got a link or know a quote? If you give the quote can you please give the name of the person or person that said it? Thanks