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Funny Quotes Of The Day Questions Answered!

  1. What are some funny quotes from the broadway show "Title of Show"?

    I saw Title of Show a couple days ago and it was hilarious. There's not much on the internet about it, as it has just premiered a few weeks ago. Can anyone who has seen it remember some funny quotes from it? I know there were so many, but I can only remember a few.

  2. Can you give suggestions for funny igoogle gadgets?

    I really like funny quotes, fun facts etc. Can you suggest something like that? Please don't suggest videos as it takes a lot of time to view in my computer.

  3. Does anyone know some clean, truly funny quotes?

    I love using funny quotes throughout the day, and after a lot of google searching, I think I have exhausted my resources. Help!

  4. What is a witty valentines day quote for a friend?

    My friend is making valentines day cards and she needs a really funny quote for my other friend.. They are both girls and our group of friends tend to be sarcastic a lot so anything goes! Thanks!!

  5. What are some really good,yet new and fresh quotes or pictures out of words?

    I am trying to find some inspiration from funny quotes, silly quotes, and break up and love quotes! PLZ GIVE ME SOME!

  6. I need some help in creating some funny wedding quotes for fortune cookies. Know some good ones?

    For our wedding reception one of the favors we're putting on each table is custom fortune cookies. I'd like to put funny quotes on each that are wedding or love related. Anyone know some? Much appreciated, thanks!