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Short Funny Quotes Questions Answered!

  1. What are some great short funny quotes?

    Can somebody give me a few short funny quotes and a website or tow?

  2. What is a funny birthday message to put in my sisters card?

    Tomorrow is my younger sisters 12th birthday, she has been so excited. I have got her a few presents but want to top it of with a card. I am not really into sweet soppy things nor is she so i was hoping someone had some ideas for a short and funny quote, message, poem or rhyme :) It would be much appreciated

  3. Does anyone know any short funny quotes?

    Im looking for a short funny quote for my phone signature and cant find any. They have to be 32 characters and spaces count as one. If you know one can you tell me? Thanks! :)

  4. What should I put for my Facebook statues?

    I can't think of anything ! I just want a short, cute funny quote or something. Any ideas ? ;D

  5. What are some quotes about dinosaurs that would make someone feel better?

    So my friend has a sister who's having some sort of serious surgery, and our class is going to try and make her feel better by putting together some sort of booklet. Everyone is going to make a short message or something like that and I need some sort of funny quote/pun about dinosaurs, do you have any ideas?

  6. What are some funny quotes or something to put on my bebo page?

    i desperately need some funny saying or quotes or something to put on my bebo, cos my bebo is sooooooooo boring, i have nothing to write!!! please help!