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Funny Quotes And Sayings Questions Answered!

  1. what are some good websites that have funny quotes or sayings?

    i love funny quotes or love quotes. i havent been able to find any good websites . please help !

  2. What funny thing to put on my Boyfriends 18th B-Day card?

    could be a picture or words. Any funny quotes? sayings?

  3. Any quotes or sayings your parents used to say?

    Just wondering if there are any serious or even funny quotes or sayings about life that your parents used to say that stuck with you through life.

  4. what are some funny birthday sayings or quotes for my 14 year old friend?

    My friend is turning 14 on the weekend. I want to make a card for her. What are some funny quotes to put in it? or sayings? or even songs? thank you. Oh and i dont want any cheesy crap.

  5. What are some creative clarinet t-shirt ideas?

    I'm the leader for the clarinet section and I need shirt ideas for our section! Funny quotes or sayings involving clarinets or band? Our theme this year is Africa but I would prefer not to have that unless it's really good :) So any creative sayings?

  6. What are some funny quotes AGAINST the NJ Devils?

    I am going to a game, Penguins vs. Devils in April, and I want to make a sign. What would be some funny quotes/sayings to put on the poster?! Oh. and i want to put something having to do with Miroslav Satan, b/c, like, satan...devils. lol but it doesn't have to be satan. it can be anything

  7. What are your favourite quotes or sayings?

    What are your most motivational, favourite, funny quotes that you have ever heard?

  8. I need some really cute quotes or sayings for my aim buddy info. Does anyone know any?

    Love quotes, funny quotes, any kind of quotes but i'd rather have some love quotes!

  9. What is a good website that has cute girly quote pictures?

    I need a good website that has really cute quotes and sayings pictures. Funny quotes, love/hate quotes, friendly quotes, that sort of thing. Does anyone have any ideas??

  10. What are some really funny quotes?

    Some funny quotes that you would see on bumper stickers, on AIM icons. Funny quotes or sayings? This is a easy best answer! Please and thank you!