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Famous Quotes From Movies Questions Answered!

  1. What are some classic movies that everyone should know?

    I'm starting a collection of classic movies and want only the ones that everyone should know and/or have multiple famous quotes. So movies like Grease, The Wizard of Oz, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure (personal favorite), The Princess Bride, and so on.

  2. Do I need to get royalty rights or something in order to make and sell a craft using famous movie quotes?

    I want to make and sell a craft that has the words of famous movie quotes printed on the craft. Since I'm not using a picture of a character and not using any names do I still need to get permission, royalty rights, give a cut to someone? Where do I get info or get in touch with each movie person?

  3. whats the best comeback or one liner your ever heard?

    Give me anything from famous quotes, movie quotes, one liners pick up lines anything man I just want witty and clever lines.

  4. What's a good quirky and fun title for an article about a future astronaut?

    I'm writing a profile about a promising young woman who is well on her way to become an astronaut and I need a cool title. Nothing too cliche like " reaching for the stars" or "to infinity and beyond". I need something cool that's either from a famous quote of movie about space. Please help

  5. website that gives famous examples of words used in sentences?

    i was curious if there is a way to look up a word and see how it is used in a sentence in famous books, poems, quotes, movies, etc. i wanted to know if there is such a source that gives examples for virtually every word in the dictionary. thanks.

  6. What is a good speech or quote to memorize for my speech class?

    For my speech class, I need to memorize a 1-2 minute speech or quote. It can be just about anything: a famous speech, a quote from a movie, part of a play or book, etc. Any ideas?

  7. What are famous quotes about the city of Paris?

    I'm doing a research paper on Paris, France and I wanted to open it with a famous quote about the city, do you know any and who they are by?