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Famous Quotes About Family Questions Answered!

  1. What are some of your favorite quotes from books?

    I need an answer that gives quotes that are very moving, inspirational, educated (I guess you could say), or basically any famous quotes from any books whether they are classics or whatever you want to put I guess. This isn't a project or anything, I'd just like to see what kinds of books other people like and the quotes from them!

  2. A good quote about family to put on a dedication page?

    Hi. I'm doing a project on my roots for school and I have to make a dedication page, I thought it would be a nice idea to put a famous quote on the page since I am dedicating it to my family. Can anyone give me some suggestions or anything? Thanks in advance :D

  3. Quotes on how religion brings families and societies together?

    Can anyone give me a famous quote or two about how religion brings families and societies together?

  4. What Are The Copyright Rules/Legal Rights For Songwriting?

    I'm specifically looking for a few clarifications, but it would be nice if someone could link me to a website or websites that have the laws for songwriting. So I have a couple of questions pertaining to the laws of songwriting: 1. Is it legitimately legal to write a song relating to a famous quote? Would you have to give them credit, unless you put it in your own words? 2. Would you have to get permission to write a song about someone (specifically someone famous rather than a friend or family member), or do you have to get permission if you include their name in the song? For instance, did Fly Leaf have to get permission to write the song Cassie? Thanks in advance!

  5. What was the best or worst advice your parents ever gave you!?

    Did their advice come with a famous family quote?

  6. What should I put on my poster board?

    I have a pictures of Napoleon Bonapartes birth place (Corsica) and death place ( St.Helena). I have pictures of his father wife mother and son, a family portrait of his family, and a picture of him. On the sides I have some of his famous quotes and interesting facts, and a timeline of the events that happened through his life. Any other Ideas? I have more space and I need to fill it up

  7. Why do the mass of men live lives of quiet desperation?

    Thoreaus's famous quote. Is there a way out of the rat race? Life is too short to have that inner sense of despair that I see in a lot of people. What can we do about it?