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Famous Quotes About Change Questions Answered!

  1. are there any famous quotes on moving to a new city, the society/environment around you?

    i need a famous quote about changing by living in a new enviroment/city.

  2. What's a quote about how writers have changed the world?

    My english teacher gave us an assignment to "Search the Internet, find, and post a famous quote about writers as agents of change in society." and then there's some analysis questions on the quote. What would be a good quote for that?

  3. What are some cool quotes I could use for my MySpace?

    On my MySpace profile, I have a section with a quote in it. I try to change it as often as possible, but I ran out of ideas. Do you know any famous quotes I could use?

  4. How to cite a quote in MLA Format?

    I want to cite the famous quote by Mahatma Gandhi “Be the change you want to see in the world.” since I used it in my essay. But I have no idea as to how. Help?

  5. What are your favorite quotes, both famous and personal?

    I'm curious to hear what other people's favorite quotes are and why. One I've made up myself is: "Don't treat me like an unwanted food item, I'll never be served to you again". I don't have a favorite famous quote off the top of my head. What are yours? Who are they by and why do you like them? Also, if you could give a good quote about change if you know one, I would appreciate it. Thank you.

  6. Does OBAMA just "want" CHANGE AND USE famous quotes about CHANGE or DOES HE actually offer SOLUTIONS?

    I hear a lot of talk and story telling from OBAMA about CHANGE- but I don't hear any talk about HOW he PLANS to affect actual CHANGE. People are falling for the illusion and appearance of a leader rather than getting clarity about what this country actually needs. We need constructive, intelligent planning. This guy is so dreamy he is scarey.

  7. What are the most famous quotes from twilight?

    I need 10 most famous quotes from any of the four books

  8. Why is it not possible to simply memorize a page full of facts?

    My mother recently purchased a book full of facts that the average sixth grader should know. She hands me the book and demands that I memorize five selected pages. Each page contains at least fifteen facts on famous inventors and their inventions, American firsts, famous quotes, etc. The time limit I have is one day. Please explain why you cannot simply memorize a large quantity of facts in one day and have the expectation to etch the info into your brain from then on. I will show the best answers to my mom and prove my reasoning.