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Famous Quotes And Sayings Questions Answered!

  1. What are some quotes about 'money can/can't buy you happiness' ?

    I need some quotes (not too long), preferably, famous quotes/sayings about 'money CAN'T make you happy' but also a quote about 'Money CAN make you happy'. Like, who was the first famous person to say something about money can/can't buy you happiness. The real answer is money can't buy you happiness, so I need some quotes about that.

  2. what are some sayings/quotes to think when your feeling depressed about life or people around you?

    song quotes? famous quotes? quotes or sayings of your own or even little stories to think of in your head when people in life are getting you down or you are feeling depressed or you have fallen out with someone or family problems?

  3. Can I quote famous sayings in an academic essay?

    We were assigned to read a text and write an essay about it. Can I quote famous sayings that are not found on the text and use them as support/evidence for my arguments?

  4. Does anyone have quotes or sayings about life, love or friendship?

    I have posters all over my walls of my bedroom of my favorite celebrities and pictures of my friends and family. I like to put famous quotes and sayings on my wall.

  5. What is the best site for quotes and sayings?

    Hello! I am searching for a good site for publishing my quotes and sayings. All the sites that i found through the search engines are slightly passive and technically host only few members. In other words, i did not manage to find a popular site for my objective. Any help, suggestions or list of sites are highly appreciated! Kind Regards,

  6. i need good quotes on children choosing their own life path?

    i am doing my term paper and the topic is "children should choose their own life path" and i need some famous quotes or sayings. it can be anyone famous, so that i can include it in my term paper. i struggling with finding good sources on this topic. please help me. thank you guys ! have a great day :) well, my thesis statement is actually children should choose their own life path and i am trying to prove it, so i thought i would be great if i use some great quotes which can support my thesis. thanks again

  7. How and where do I go to get recognized for a quote?

    If I have words of wisdom or words of insight how and where would I go to be recognized for them? For instance I always see famous sayings and quotes from people but I have no clue how to get them published. Any help would be great. Thanks.

  8. Some cute quotes and sayings about parents and family?

    I'm making my parents a calendar for christmas. I got 365 flashcards and im putting a picture of us and family on one side and I wanna put a little quote or saying on the other. Can you give me some links to websites that have a cute, small quotes/sayings on them? (My mom takes a ton of pictures so I'm good with that! :D I'm 14 by the way and i also have a little brother if that helps any! :D Thanks!

  9. What are some karma is sayings and quotes?

    I need help on finding karma is famous quotes. (Ex: Karma is a lie. Karma is a funny thing.)

  10. Where can I find an inventory of the inscriptions inside the Catacombs of Paris?

    There are numerous placks with quotes and sayings mounted throughout the Catacombs in Paris, some by famous people, others annonymous. It's very dark down there and some of them are hard to read. I recently visited the catacombs and would like to recall some of the words I saw there. Perhaps there is a list available somehwere?