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Inspirational Quotes About Love Questions Answered!

  1. Has anyone got any witty inspirational quotes on love?

    I want a relatively short, witty, inspirational quote on love to use as my bio on twitter! Best one gets 10 points! Thank you x

  2. What are cute, inspirational quotes I can put in my room?

    I'm redecorating my bedroom and I want cute, flirty or inspirational quotes about love and life and friendships and stufff life that! Thanks for the helpp[:

  3. What are some really good inspirational quotes?

    I have to do a project with 10 diff. Inspirational quotes. It's really dumb but it's worth 200 points.

  4. Inspirational Quotes for the Quote of the week at work?

    I post a quote of the week at work, and am looking for some good inspirational Quotes to put up. I would perfer ones that you think are good, not just the websites, I have looked at many web sites and am just running out of good quotes to use. Thanks for your help!

  5. How do you cite inspirational quotes in APA format?

    I have to write a paper on why I chose the career path I did. Since it is an account of personal experiences, I am having trouble finding out what to reference, and was thinking of putting in some inspirational quotes. How would I reference these? Like a normal quote, although I don't have the original context it was in? I am NOT looking for someone to do my homework for me, I am pretty familiar with APA format, but this paper is tripping me up because it does not have a topic I can research. Any HELP would be appreciated, thanks!

  6. Please give me your inspirational quotes?

    I am planning to produce a print out of inspirational quotes that is so personally touching, ill cut them one by one per quote and put them in a small bottle and give them to my friends as a special gift. You can also tell me why did you choose that quote and why they are important to you… Thanks.

  7. What is the name of this book with inspirational quotes?

    It only has inspirational quotes in it. There is a little crown located in the middle of the top for each page of the book. I really want to know the name. Thank you!