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Love Quotes Tagalog Questions Answered!

  1. Do you know tagalog love quotes or poêm and english translation please?

    I looking for tagalog quotes or poêm with the english translation.It's for a girl.

  2. can you help translate and write sentences in Tagalog or ilicano?

    can you translate love sentences, and breakup, and friendship quotes in Tagalog or ilicano please thank you.

  3. What is a famous quote/saying in your language?

    What is a famous, witty, or other type of quote/saying in your language? Could you please provide the translation into English, as well? Thank you!

  4. How is this for a tattoo idea?

    I have a quote from my favorite book that I want to get across both my wrists. On the left wrist It'll say "We accept the love" and on the right "we think we deserve" in ancient filipino text. What do you think?

  5. getting a memory tattoo for my dad, he passed away a few months before i was born?

    getting a memory tattoo for my dad, he passed away a few months before i was born. I want it in tagalog. and for it to say you will always be in my heart father. I have 2 questions: how do you say it? and is there a certain script for it or would i just write it with the english alphabet?

  6. What will you do if you're the only foreigner in a philippine company?

    Hi Guys, As for me , i always love to work and travel at the same time. This time , finally i found my way to Philippine. A friend of mine which is a QA Manager of the department introduce a job to me in one of the private company here in the country. Time flies when i'm here, due to the unlimited outing my friend ( QA Manager ) organized, reason is to show me around etc and also introduce friends of his to me so that i will not get bored , the friend of mine which is the ( QA Manager ) , his been working here in Philippine more than 5 years now and he decided to quite his job and go home to Sydney recently. Bet anyone read this got the feeling of how true friend is when they left you. It's extremely sad , but then everyone walks the different path, what we can do as a true friend is only to wish them happy. As for me , i continue to work in the private company. Just sometimes feel bit left out, normally i will join my friend which is the manager out for a beers or two during the break ( Marienda Time ) , since he is away, non of them do so for now. Recently i'm bit frustrated, I'm not too sure how other people will think, but then i'm sure people came across such things when they work here. As for me , i'm the only QA person which is a foreigner in my team and most of them are local. What i feel uncomfortable and left out is that, most of the time my colleague they speak tagalog and i have no clue what they're talking about and feel that i totally isolated. The only time / moment all my colleague will speak english is when we're in the meeting each day at 4pm.Theres when we update each other what task we've done. My concern : #Since i'm serious about my job and i need the money i have now for my parents. I really afraid that i might lost my job 1. I see my weakness now as i do have language barrier 2. Colleagues of mine sometimes they just kept whatever they knew themselves in some private channel in Skype without sharing with me. 3. Most of the time when they discuss how to solve things out , only in tagalog and i have no clue whats going on. I think if i wanna advance and climb the ladder of career it seems far than impossible Please advice ~~ :(

  7. Song or quotes letting people know why you have moved on and don't want to be alone.?

    I am a young female widow. My wonderful husband passed away a year ago and I have two young children. I recently started dating a friend and fell in love with this amazing man. Some of my deceased husbands family are very angry about it. What are some songs or quotes to tell people it's my life and it's miserable being alone?

  8. What does this mean in Tagalog?

    I found these two tagalog sayings but there is no translation. I'm hoping these are love quotes.. "Sana hanginna lang ako" " eto naman malungkot.." If anybody can tell me what this mean I would greatly appreciate it.

  9. Why did Jose Rizal said "Who does not love his native tongue is worse than putrid fish and beast"?

    Why did Jose Rizal said "Who does not love his native tongue is worse than putrid fish and beast",, when almost all of his novels or poems are written in English or Spanish??

  10. Tagalog love quotes? Please provide translation...?

    I need some tagalog love quotes, with translation. The stage of love in the quote (eg breakup) doesn't really matter. I just need some!