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Inspirational Songs For Graduation Questions Answered!

  1. I need inspirational songs to play for 8th grade graduation?

    I need inspirational/popular songs to play for my graduation. It needs to be a song that most 8th graders would like, but has a good meaning. thank you!

  2. What is an inspirational song for graduating kindergartners to sing!?

    Posting this for a teacher friend of mine... I need to find a sweet, inspirational song my Kindergartners could sing this year for our graduation. Last year we sang, "You Lift Me Up"--that song that Josh Groban made famous. It made the parents all teary and was perfect. We've done others like Louis Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World" in the past. I'm looking for something new and different. It kinda needs to be balladish, and be relevant to children. I like songs that have a nice message in them. We also usually learn some hand signs to go with any song we learn, so it should lend itself to that. If you know of anything post it here and I'm hoping we'll have something chosen by next week as graduation is just around the corner.

  3. I need an inspirational song to sing at my graduation/promotion?

    I need an inspirational song to sing at my Graduation/Promotion These are the few ive come up with: Everythings Magic- Angels and Airwaves Thunder- Boys Like Girls This is your life_ Switchfoot Any other suggestions? ( No 80's crap )

  4. What are some good songs that are inspirational and about new beginnings?

    I was wondering if you guys could tell me some inspirational songs...that talk about friends, goodbyes, new beginnings, things like that. This if for a graduation video, so you get the point...

  5. What is a good, inspirational song for a graduation? 10 easy points!?

    I need a song for a high school graduation. These are inner city kids so preferably not rock. I want something they can relate to. Thank you.

  6. Im youth ambassador of my community and im retiring, looking for a good song to walk to.?

    a inspirational, but along the lines of moveing on would be good, something with as slower beat but il take anything :) im walking on a run way, its in the shape of a T so something slower and insparational would be good :)

  7. What's that spoken word song from the late 80's/early 90's that has a bunch of facts or inspirational sayings?

    It may have been popular for graduations... At least that's what my friend said.

  8. Can you help me write something nice to my daughter?

    for her graduation? It's today, I need to write her a card. She is graduating from high school and I want to write something inspirational, but I can't come up with something.