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List Of Inspirational Songs Questions Answered!

  1. Anyone know any good inspirational songs or artists?

    I would like to start listening to more inspirational music to make my day. Unfortunately, it isn't a real genre. You can list an inspirational song or artist that you know. Any, i dont discriminate.

  2. Can any one list out few inspiring and pumping up songs while gymming?

    Can anyone mention few songs which can increase confidnce while working out in gymm? apart from this I would also like to know a list of inspirational songs?

  3. What do you guys feel about all the inspirational "feel good" songs that have been coming out recently?

    I noticed that there have been many songs with inspirational lyrics coming out lately including: Katy Perry - Firework Pink - F***ing Perfect and Raise your glass Lady Gaga - Born This Way Selena Gomez - Who Says What do you guys think about these inspirational songs? Do you think this is an attempt to promote positive thinking and higher self-esteem or is it just a passing trend?

  4. What the some inspirational/motivational gym songs to get you amped up?

    Looking to compile a list of songs for my ipod, interested in alternative rock songs, preferably from the mid 90's until now.

  5. Is there a song out there about becoming who you are and finally finding yourself?

    I've finally, after so many years, have found who I truly am and would like some sort of inspirational song. Looking for any type of song or genre. Just need some suggestions so I can put it on my myspace profile. Thank you!

  6. What are some inspirational songs to listen while writing a story?

    My story is kind of criminals but set on the 80s, so the songs would preferably have to be from the 1980s and of some relation to delinquents, breaking laws and/or young adults. I've also been inspired by bands such as The Flaming Lips so any type of genres suggested are greatly appreciated.

  7. How do you arrange your playlists on your Ipod?

    I'm curious how everyone makes and arranges their playlists. Do you do it by the genre of music, the person, the amount you like the songs, the subject matter, etc.? I was thinking of aranging mine by subject matter (ie songs about love, depressing songs, inspirational songs, etc.) but I'm curious what others do.

  8. where can i listen to gospel love songs?

    I love gospel music and i especially love gospel love songs.Where can i listen or get a list of gospel love songs.Inspirational Godly love songs.Thank you!

  9. Please name a few good inspirational instrumental songs ?

    please give me a list of some good inspirational instrumental songs which can used as background when presentation is running.