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Inspirational Songs 2013 Questions Answered!

  1. What song/band was playing during the NFL Thursday Night Pregame highlight reel for the Browns and Bills 2013?

    On Oct. 3rd there was a video montage of Browns and Bills plays during the pregame show. It was a male group/band of a rock or alternative nature. They posted it on the bottom of the screen but I didn't catch it. It is an inspirational type song. The only thing that comes up when I search for it is the female who sings the intro for TNF and that's not what I'm looking for.

  2. As a head-boy of the school i have to do something new for independence day except drama.What should i do?

    On 15th August 2013 my school is going to celebrate Independence day.Being the Head Boy of the school I have do something for that.An Inspirational Drama is preparing from some other students. I'm giving a speech on this occasion but i thing giving speech only is not enough for that.I should do something new.Please tell me what should i do??

  3. I need help finding a speech or dialogue to memorize?

    So for my English class we are assigned to do an oral presentation where we have to choose a poem, speech, or any other type of dialogue to memorize and present to the class.If we choose a poem it must be at least 16 lines, if its a speech 16 sentences.I've been searching for famous poems and speeches (some speeches from movies and historical speeches).I'm trying to find speeches or poems that are inspirational because we need to explain to the class why we chose that particular speech.I need help please give me some ideas of famous poems or speeches that I can memorize by next week Wednesday April 10 2013

  4. Some ideas for high school football shirts?

    People always have football shirts with cool sayings on them and I need some ideas. Not like inspirational or typical football quotes. Previously people have used lyrics from popular songs like "all we do is win, win, win.." and the seniors this year have something about taking over the world because 2012, but i'll be a junior sooo its 2013.

  5. What are some really encouraging songs? 2013?

    I'm looking for encouraging, motivational, inspirational songs. The kind that would help lift someone's spirit up, someone who's going through a lot of stress in their lives and is in somewhat of a depression. Songs like Move Along, by the All-American Rejects The Middle, by Jimmy Eat World 'Till I Collapse, by Eminem Lose Yourself, by Eminem The Worlds Greatest, by R Kelly or I Believe I Can Fly, by R Kelly. I'm not looking for songs like Eye of the Tiger, Don't Stop Believin', or It's my life. Don't get me wrong, they're good inspirational songs, just not what I'm looking for. Thanks!

  6. High school football shirt sayings?

    I am designing shirts for homecoming or just football season. We are the class of 2013, we are the Vikings and our colors are red and white! What could i write that is inspirational or fun? It could be from a song, or a movie, or anything!

  7. Inspirational 8th grade graduation songs for 2013?

    I know I'm thinking a little ahead here but for eighth grade grad. we have to sing inspirational songs that will motivate us for high school or sad songs that will show how we will miss our old school. People always end up singing super old like, 70s/80s songs and this year we want to be WAY MORE "OUT THERE". The school is from K-8 so the songs need to be appropriate for younger children and the music teacher would prefer something that might be playable on guitar/piano though it's not necessary. There are only 11 boys in the grade and 5 girls so no parts just for girls/just for guys please! (we really don't like people able to pick out individual voices, especially us girls) It would also be great if there were some songs that we all might like because the guys like 60s-80s music and the girls don't mind that though we would rather sing something more modern. Some songs we already have are: HOLD ONTO THE MEMORIES by Corey Tynan GOODBYE HIGHSCHOOL by Kaitee Val Dal YESTERDAY'S DREAM by Donna Cruz YOUTH OF TODAY by Amy MacDonald UNWRITTEN by Natasha Bedingfield TODAY MY LIFE BEGINS by Bruno Mars NO BOUNDARIES by Kris Allen THIS WORLD IS YOURS by Julie Durban THIS IS ME by Skye Sweetnam LIVING YOUR DREAMS by Raini Rodriguez I'M YOURS by Jason Mraz TIME OF YOUR LIFE by Green Day ALL THESE THINGS THAT I'VE DONE by the Killers KEEP LOOKING UP by Landon Pigg I'M MOVING ON by Rascal Flatts LIVE WHILE WE'RE YOUNG by 1D GOOD TIME by Owl City/Carly Rae Jepsen THESE ARE THE DAYS OF OUR LIVES by Queen HOME by Phillip Phillips Any songs welcome and thanks in advance! P.S.- We also need some ideas for the entrance/exit so anything out there is welcome! :)

  8. Any songs from 2012-2013 for a talent show?

    Unfortunately i wasn't blessed with a high singing voice and I promised my best friend i would sing a song this year :p I'm a 17 year old girl who can sing low notes, rock middle to upper middle range notes, and kinda hit the high notes :p I love inspirational songs like Fu*kin' Perfect by P!nk and songs by Train like Hey Soul Sister and If It's Love etc etc. I'd love to do a mash up of the years best or most popular songs and if anyone has any suggestions id love to hear :)

  9. Honest Opinion About my Grad Speech. Please!!! It's Today.?

    This is my graduation speech for today. I'm really nervous and could use some good constructive criticism and if there is anything you think I should add or take away, or even make it flow together more, it would help me soooo much :) Starting this speech was the most difficult part of this year. That’s probably why I started it only 3 days ago. I wasn’t sure if I should have started by quoting a childhood movie on how we should “just keep swimming, just keep swimming”, or quote an inspirational song on how “she want to take a photo, you already know though, you only live once that’s the motto, YOLO”. I even considered coming up here taking a crown breaking it into pieces and passing it out to everyone…Except Regina George. I could make the excuse that I didn’t know how to start, but I knew the truth was, I didn’t want to start. I didn’t want to start the last words I’ll be able to say to all (pretend to count crowd) 298 of my classmates. So I’ll start with this. I can genuinely say getting to know all of you for these past 4 years has been a privilege…..for you, but seriously I know for a fact every single one of you can do absolutely anything that you strive for, and that may seem cliché, but it’s more scary than anything. You see right now the majority of the population sees us as no more than insolent, immature, young adults, even still as kids. Well I see a vast majority, yes majority not minority, of determination, skill and hope for a bigger and better future. I don’t care if you become what is “successful” in other people’s eyes I want you to be able to go home, or your dorm, or whatever you can find as a bed because you had a little too much punch at the frat next door, and think to yourself that you did everything physically possible to make yourself successful in your eyes. I was told earlier that this day, graduation day is an event where not only does Kleenex make billions of dollars but I the speaker get to tell hundreds of students dressed in identical caps and identical gowns that individuality is the key to success. Ironic isn’t it? And I’m telling you now things you can change you will, things you can’t change you won’t, and the only thing you can truly change is yourself. I’ve learned this by trying to change my grade in calculus with Mr. Kurth. The only thing I truly got from that was learning why the Limit did not exist. That’s the last mean girls reference I swear. There was a quote online I found while researching graduation speeches to plagiarize, the only speech I could find was a Twilight one about being a princess or something. Anyways it said there is no tomorrow, we graduate today, when we wake up in the morning it will be today, and we would have graduated yesterday, then I realized I was listening to a graduation speech by Rebecca Black. So, for now let’s talk about today. Today we are not only graduating, but we are beginning our lives. I know our beginning has JUST started. I want you to Hold on to the best parts of your high school years, but not all of them. Don't regret what you did or didn't do in high school: you have the rest of your life to learn from mistakes and try new things. The way I see it is, the fact that everything is about to change is inevitable. Everything we’re about to go though will change us as people no matter how hard we try. But the one good thing that will stay the same is that we graduated as a part of this class, and no one will take that away from us. So when you’re off in college, even later in life when you have a family of your own, and you’re telling these amazing stories of powderpuff, the scavenger hunt, winning that last game, a senior skip day that never really happened, about those moments where you felt completely on top of the world with you and your friends and nothing could knock you down. Don’t forget to start those stories with “when I was in high school”. Now if you would, Watkins Memorial Class of 2013, please stand and join me in the changing of our tassels.

  10. recommend inspirational love songs?

    or any love songs? like bluebird by christina perri pmsl and pls as much as possible i want the recent ones! like 2010-2013 smth thanks!