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Inspirational Quotes For Women Questions Answered!

  1. What are some good inspirational quotes?

    I'm pen-pals with a women who has lung cancer and always try to include a nice inspirational quote in my cards. Do you know any inspirational / motivational quotes that I could include? Thanks!

  2. What are some quotes for people who judge others by their mistakes?

    I am looking for some good and inspirational quotes about those people who judge you for your mistakes and only point out your mistakes. Preferably something NOT like one of those teen text message things.

  3. Poem or inspirational quote for mums 60th Birthday?

    Hello all, can you guys please help me I really need a poem or inspirational quote to read at my mum's 60th birthday. She is a very warm, intelligent, loving woman. Who gives alot to her family and grandchildren. Does anyone have a really awesome one about mums? Thanks for your help.

  4. What are some good quotes about trying to find first love?

    I try to post inspirational quotes daily as my facebook status, i seem to be running out of quotes. I would like to start posting some about finding your first love, seemingly that i have yet to find my first love. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. :]

  5. What are inspirational quotes by russian writers ?

    What are inspirational (life) quotes or sayings by russian writers or poets or philosophers ? Thanks :)

  6. What are some good quotes for making it through the day?

    Good inspirational quotes for when you're trying to get through something bad happening in your life, getting stronger, and making it through the day knowing tomorrow will be better-kindof stuff ?

  7. What books do you recommend to motivate and inspire your life?

    I'm not exactly sure what kind of book I'm yearning for! I really enjoy inspirational excerpts in magazines and I keep a journal full of inspirational quotes. I need more! Not really into "self help books" though.

  8. What do you think of the start of my novel?

    I'd really appreciate some feedback on the start of my story. I've read a few stories other people have posted on here before and mine isn't really like any of them I've seen. It doesn't really jump straight into the action but please give what I've got so far a chance! Thank you :) I was never one for positivity. The light side of situations rarely occurred to me and I sought no comfort in fake hope. It’s me, the essence of my personality, but yet I was secluded for this trait in particular. I was told I was different, not like the other children – treated as if there was something wrong with me. Why is it those who can take each day with a smile, only seeing the good in everything they experience are praised, admired and put on some kind of invisible pedestal in society whereas those of us who acquire the ability to see the darker side in life are classified to be vacant of our sanity? I never saw it as any less of a gift until some people in white jackets attached a medical term to it - depression. I guess you could say I’m just clinically sad. Maybe this is just me thinking too much again; getting lost in another train of mindless words. That’s another problem I have, you see. At least it is according to those same doctors who diagnosed me with misery. They say I overthink things and ramble on internally until I make myself sick and turn a tiny seed into a giant tree of dark thoughts. Ten years of medical school all to tell me I’m a dismal girl with a habit of worrying – I could’ve told you that myself. The walls of Doctor Jensen’s office were a sickly, yellow colour. The kind of yellow that was most likely once white but was left to peel and rot into a dull shade of oatmeal. Dusty, black frames hung from the wall containing images of landscapes with so-called ‘inspirational’ quotes beneath them; reminding me that I do in fact only have one life – in case I had somehow forgotten – so I had to spend it wisely. I averted my eyes from the attempted motivation before me to the desk and the woman sitting so delicately behind it. Doctor Jensen resembled the walls of her office in the way that she held signs of once possessing youthful radiance and beauty but, like the interior, she had been left to wither. Abruptly, I felt the sharp jab of my mother’s elbow dig into my side. “Evie, are you listening?” She narrowed her eyes as she glanced at me, withdrawing her elbow back to her seat. “Would you mind repeating that, Doctor Jensen? Evie seems to have wandered off again.” I smiled weakly between the two, trying to force out my best apologetic look although in reality I couldn’t have cared less. “I was saying,” Doctor Jensen cleared her throat before settling her cold, azure eyes onto mine. “That you’ve made a very smart decision here, Evelyn.” Reluctantly, I decided to not interrupt her and remind her that I go by the name Evie and not Evelyn. Evelyn feels like the kind of name you have to grow into and at age sixteen I still haven’t grown into it, so I choose to call myself Evie. But I really didn’t think this was the time to address this issue. “I don’t want to you to worry about a thing. Things may be bad now but I’m going to make sure you recover.” @Camille thank you for the feedback but I've been dealing with depression for over a year now. Myself and many of my friends who are in treatment for this and similar disorders have been afraid of recovery because we do see it as part of our personality as opposed to an illness and we don't know who we are without it. This is what I'm trying to get across. I'm not literally saying being depressed is just being sad because after months of therapy and extreme lows I know it's far more complex than that but I'm trying to get across what the character feels and how she feels that this isn't any kind of disease but just who she is and she disagrees with the labeling.