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Most Inspirational Songs Questions Answered!

  1. What are really popular inspirational songs?

    I am looking for popular inspirational songs to put on my iPod, any suggestions?

  2. From which website I can find inspirational songs?

    I like listening music but only simple inspirational songs,golden hits and classical songs which are not rarely available. So, what to do?

  3. What are some inspirational songs for a sports team picture montage?

    Im making a picture slideshow for my team, and I was wondering if anyone knew any inspirational songs I could use?

  4. What is the 5 most motivational / inspirational songs from your point of view ?

    HI all ! i would like to know the 5 most favorite MOTIVATIONAL / INSPIRATIONAL songs that u like the most. only ENGLISH or HINDI SONGS.

  5. What are some good pre-game inspirational songs to listen to?

    I love listening to inspirational songs before my basketball games. They get me way more pumped up than rap. What are some good inspirational songs that have a good beat to them? Some of my favorites and examples are: Together We Are One: delta goodrem Beautiful: christina aguilera/glee version Together: Michelle Branch I'm just looking for a new playlist, hopefully you can help me out!

  6. How do you feel about all the inspirational songs that have been coming out lately?

    How do you feel about all the inspirational "feel good" songs that have been coming out recently? I noticed that there have been many songs with inspirational lyrics coming out lately including: Katy Perry - Firework Pink - F***ing Perfect and Raise your glass Lady Gaga - Born This Way Selena Gomez - Who Says What do you think about these inspirational songs? Do you think this is an attempt to promote positive thinking and higher self-esteem or is it just a passing trend?

  7. What are some inspirational songs or song quotes?

    I'm looking for some really inspirational songs/song quotes in the sense of somebody trying to get out of a bad time in there life. (Not me by the way)