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Inspirational Songs Lyrics Questions Answered!

  1. What are good inspirational song lyrics?

    I need good inspirational song lyrics. Please give me the lyrics with the name of the band.

  2. Inspirational beatles song lyrics for tattoo?

    I would like some inspirational song lyrics (preferably by the Beatles) for a tattoo I might get on my ankle.

  3. What do you find to be the most uplifting inspirational songs?

    I need to quote some inspirational song lyrics for a school project, I was just curious if anyone had any good ideas of inspirational songs?

  4. What are some inspirational lyrics from songs?

    I am looking for songs that have an inspirational meaning in the songs lyrics. i would like it to be a few lines of the song. please&thanks!

  5. What are some inspirational song lyrics and quotes?

    I want to make a quote board so I want some song lyrics and quotes to put on it.

  6. What are some tear jerkers or very inspirational songs?

    I'm really not bothered at all about what genre it is. I'll listen to ANYTHINGGG. Mostly I'm looking for songs that are kind of depressive, some that give great imagry and some inspirational songs? Preferably through their lyrics but, all answers are welcome and greatly apprechiated :D

  7. Can anyone think of an inspirational quote or song lyrics to go on my wall?

    I'm getting one of those big black stickers you can put on your bedroom wall. I'm struggling with depression and an eating disorder, I need something upbeat, but with a strong message to help me through the bad times. Can someone give me a quote or a bit of song lyrics that might be good? Thanks!

  8. How do you start writing lyrics?

    I need to write 2 songs (lyrics, but chords optional) for a music assignment. I get ideas and write them down sometimes, but nothings really inspirational to me. I like artists like pink floyd, cat stevens, norah jones, nirvana, and black sabbath. What can i do to start writing (reasonably good) lyrics?

  9. Inspirational and motivational songs and quotes for marines?

    My husband is in boot camp and before he left he said one of the things he would like to get in the mail is inspirational and motivational song lyrics and quotes, and maybe stories about marines and stuff like that? Just things to keep him going. I wonder if anyone can help me find some good stuff to send him please? Thank you so much, best answer gets 10 points.

  10. How do you feel about all the inspirational songs that have been coming out lately?

    How do you feel about all the inspirational "feel good" songs that have been coming out recently? I noticed that there have been many songs with inspirational lyrics coming out lately including: Katy Perry - Firework Pink - F***ing Perfect and Raise your glass Lady Gaga - Born This Way Selena Gomez - Who Says What do you think about these inspirational songs? Do you think this is an attempt to promote positive thinking and higher self-esteem or is it just a passing trend?