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Christian Inspiration For The Day Questions Answered!

  1. Are you too busy acting like a Christian to be one?

    I saw this on my co-worker's "inspiration-a-day" calendar and thought I'd throw it out there. So.... ? Alternatively, how do you interpret this question? What does 'being a Christian' mean to you?

  2. Is it possible to start your own Christian denomination?

    How would you go about doing it? Would you need a theological degree from a Christian school? How much money would you need? Would you be labeled as a cult at first because of your size?

  3. Why do christians bad mouth Muslim countries for not allowing Churches?

    Why do christians bad mouth Muslim countries for not allowing Churches when Christians hardly see it only on Sundays. @monkey spirit Muslims have been circling the kabag in mecca for the past 1400 years. Do your research before shoving futile answers from your atheist mother.

  4. Is it necessary for all Christian denominations to agree on every doctrine to properly follow Christ?

    a JW answerer of one of my Q&A mentioned that "Christendom kept on splitting because they couldn't all agree on the same thing." because of having their own interpretations of the Bible. How critical are these differences/splits in reference to proper worship? I'd like the thoughts of the Christian community, please?

  5. How do we detect this inspiration/magic that God gave the bible writers?

    Since the bible's not perfect, it can't be used as evidence for God's magic. How else do we detect this inspiration/magic that God gave the bible writers?

  6. How are so many different religions related?

    I'm a Christian, but I do know that many of the major religions of the world are related and often intertwine. One example is Isaac in both the Bible and the Qur'an. I have not studied other religions, but I'm interested in knowing of these connections. Do you have any other info on them?

  7. What is the point to treating the Bible as the word of God and not literature?

    "All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness." – 2 Timothy 3.16. What it is the point of claiming the Bible to be the complete perfect word of God when its writers believed that documents are worth a profit, reproofing and correction? This means if anyone believe something is in error in the Gospels they can correct it.

  8. Would more Christians become Atheists if they read the bible with a clear head?

    That is without 'inspiration' of talking to its god first or imagining its all true before reading it etc Thanks Shikara: Yes I know its a rip off of other nonsense Hello: Thanks for your honesty. I like you.

  9. Do you agree that most problems in the world are due to Christians and Muslims?

    Today and in the past. And they both try to cover it up by blaming it all on Jews? I swear Muslims and Christians do not even know how similar they're to each other. Considering they're both Abrahamic religions who gained the most followers due to having the largest slave trades humanity has seen (Atlantic & Arab). Essentially mass brainwashing over the centuries. I forgot to say Christians and Muslims also like to blame each other calling the other one evil or something.