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Short Inspirational Quotes Questions Answered!

  1. What are some short inspirational quotes?

    I need a quick short inspirational quote to help motivate people to exercise and word hard. HELP!

  2. What are a few short, inspirational quotes for someone depressed?

    It's hard to word, I guess. I've been struggling with severe depression and anxiety for years, and have finally gotten a small bit of closure after a childhood of misery. The quote "The past is practice " has been almost a daily motto for me. Now I've decided I want a short phrase something like that to tattoo on my back. For personal reasons, I cannot get "The past is practice" tattooed. What are some other really short, motivational, inspirational, etc. quotes that have a similar meaning?

  3. What are some inspirational quotes for a tattoo?

    meaning short inspirational quotes for a tattoo probably on the ankle or shoulder blade, and i don't care about the source (who said it) lol I'll figure that out later. Thanks in advance!!

  4. What is the most inspirational quote you know?

    I'm ordering an awareness ribbon charm for a necklace and i can engrave 130 characters for free on the back of the charm. I have rheumatoid arthritis and i would like to put a short inspirational quote. Thanks!

  5. What is a great music quote I can engrave on a pick for a gift?

    I am getting my boyfriend a silver guitar pick for x-mas and I want to engrave it. What is a short inspirational quote I can put on it? Like a line from a song or a quote about music. Any ideas?

  6. What is your most favorite inspirational quote?

    Anybody have any relatively short motivational/inspirational quotes they can post? Best one gets best answer! Thanks everybody!

  7. Need short quotes to make guys feel good, any ideas?

    This year I want to do operational beautiful around my school. Instead of just focusing on making a girl feel beautiful, i want to make EVERYONE feel good. Not just about appearance. I have this list of short inspirational quotes i want to post throughout the year. The thing I am lacking are quotes for guys! They need to feel good too (: So guys. Any ideas? I definitely posted this in the right category. Its directed towards men, and where else to find them. Sure as hell not in the beauty & makeup category.

  8. What is a short inspirational quote or proverb that can fit on the bill of my hat?

    I am looking for a very inspirational quote or proverb or whatever, that could fit on the bottom of the bill of my baseball hat. I sometimes find myself slacking off a little bit and know that if I have something like this quote on my hat, I can look up at it and be inspired. I would prefer a quote about "Effort" or "Giving it your all" or "give 100 percent" or something like that. Thanks in advance!!!!

  9. What are some good inspirational quotes?

    I want some short and sweet inspirational quotes that describe one of my friends because she has impacted me so much. I'm writing a card for her and I wanted to add a quote. Nothing cheesy. Just something simple and nice :) Thanks<3

  10. What are some short inspirational quotes?

    I want to write an inspirational quote(s) on my bathroom mirror, so that I'll see it every morning when I get up. I was thinking maybe "smile" or "I am beautiful, I am loved"... any other suggestions? Something that is short, and not embarrassing because other people will see it too.