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Christian Inspirational Words Questions Answered!

  1. Does anyone know a book to help someone overcome the need to pelase everybody?

    My girlfriend tries to please everyone in her family, me, friends, everyone!! And it is making her a more worse person for trying to gain approval from everyone she knows, which I try to tell her, is impossible. I bought her " Approval Addiction - Overcoming the Need to Please Everyone" by Joyce Meyer, for Christmas. She started to read it, the next day she told me it has many references to God. So I scanned through it and came to find out the word God is on every page. Don't get me wrong, I believe in God, but I want a psychological book for her, not a Christian/Inspirational one. Anybody know one?

  2. Jesus Christ and his words said on the mountain?

    Is the sermon on the mount the most inspirational words ever uttered in the history of mankind?

  3. What does the proverb "Honesty is like a kiss on the lips" mean to you?

    Be as spiritual and insightful as you can get! I want inspirational words!

  4. How can I become a good Christian again?

    A while ago, I used to be a really good Christian. Not the best, but I was devoted. Now, I've backslidden, and since then I've gotten all my old fears back. I have mental disorders, but when I was a Christian, He took those away. I was a better person. I've asked my mom how to be a better Christian, but she just said pray more and read your bible more. But I don't think that's ALL I should be doing to become BETTER.

  5. What is the best way to get a Publisher for a Christian Book?

    I am an Author, I have one self-published book. It is of encouraging and inspirational poetry. What are the best Christian publishers to get in contact with? How should I go about doing it? Any information you have is very appreciated, Thank you.

  6. Who would be a good inspirational Christian I could do an Oral Presentation ?

    I'm doing a speech of presentation and I need a inspiration Christian that is very interesting and that won't bore my audience .. can include from people of today to the medieval times ;) I would appreciate your help

  7. Whence your enjoyment of reading a book derives?

    I used to love reading book, but I don't read very often anymore. I find the emit a strong "scent" of reality I cannot bear. I do love reading fairy tales, though (Hans Christian Andersen is my favourite). Perhaps, your answers could help me revive something long lost. Thank you!

  8. What are some inspirational bible verses?

    Me and my fiance have been blessed with a soon to be precious little boy. It has been an enormous struggle due to my religious background as a christian, We both have had great support but have learned that learning on God is what we truly need. He has a little bit of background, but since we have been dating he has shown extreme interest in gaining a stronger relationship with God. He has expressed wanting to get deeper into the bible. I went out and bought a special bible for him today and I want to put a slip of paper inside to remind him of verses that have been a huge support in my life along with others that can keep his head held high with faith by his side. The verses I have chosen already are Isaiah 40:30-31....Proverbs 18:10...Isaiah 41:10...Isaiah 35:4...Psalm 23.

  9. What do I get as a gift for my best friend who is graduating piltot training and will be flying fighter jets?

    He laready has model planes, and pictures of planes. I don't mind spending a decent amount of money. This is kind of a big deal. I've considered a high-end bottle of liquor for him to add to his bar, but I don't know anything about high-end liquor. I've considered an amulet...but I'm unsure if it goes against my religion (I'm Christian).