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Christian Inspirational Stories Questions Answered!

  1. Any site where i can find inspirational reading with follow-up activity?

    I am assigned to share an inspirational reading for our department's meeting on friday. I want to have a Christian inspirational story and give a follow-up activity related to the story/article. Any site? Help! Thanks!

  2. What is a wonderful Christian love story for women to read?

    I am a young christian woman and have just finished Francine Rivers' "Redeeming Love" book. I FELL IN LOVE WITH THIS BOOK! I am desperatly looking for another book to fall in love with now. I would prefer a christian love story or inspirational story, please. And it would be great if you have read the book yourself instead of what youve heard about a book. Thanks for you help!

  3. What is a very life changing, short Christian story that helps you be a better person.?

    I have read inspirational stories, quote, and bible verses too. I've read a story or two that has made me realize i need to change a little, but I want a story I can share with others. There must be very few stories out there that can truly change you and by the way, I don't want a love story I want a story out of the bible that s so strong it can make you cry.

  4. Anyone knows a source of christian stories?

    I'm starting this new website that has inspirational christian stories. I don't have enough resources though.Does anyone know a good source that I could use. Also if anyone has any good ideas for this website, I would appreciate it. it's a service that I felt like doing and any help would be so kind.

  5. What's a great christian inspirational story that I can use to inspire christians to keep the faith?

    The theme is we've come to far to turn back please help me.

  6. Atheists, I've hired a guy off Craigslist to convert my atheist girlfriend and its working?

    I asked him if he could help my atheist girlfriend get on her knees for Jesus. so he's been over here the past few days and they go into our bedroom every day and they eventually start yelling "oh God oh God oh Jesus" so it is obvious the holy spirit is coming inside of her. proof that atheists can become christians again! fellow christians, pass on this inspirational story to the people in your life.

  7. ATHEISTS, did you find your way to Christ on Independence Day 2009 ?

    I see quite a few Atheists are making their way to Christ. And I heard some very inspirational stories concerning salvation and the Atheist community. So how was your 4th of July. And did you like how your day went.

  8. Do you know any Christian website that contains many great and inspiring story or notes?

    I'd love reading inspirational story and notes. More preference for website that's updated daily. Thank You.

  9. Christians wouldn't it be better to take advise from the book series 'Chicken soup for the Soul' not the bible?

    Chicken Soup for the Soul is a series of books, usually featuring a collection of short, inspirational stories and motivational essays. The 101 stories in the first book of the series were compiled by motivational speakers Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen. There have been numerous volumes of Chicken Soup issued. As of January 2006, there were over 105 titles. Many of the books are directed at specific groups of people.

  10. Inspirational story about an animal?

    I have to give an inspirational story based on an animal this Saturday. I was planning to speak about the eagle's rebirth but doing research found that it is merely a legend. Any of you have ideas about a good story I could use?