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Inspirational Poems For Women Questions Answered!

  1. What are some inspirational poems for someone battling the big C?

    I am looking for an inspirationsl poem to deliver to a woman of 56. She was recently diagnosed with oral cancer and has been doing radiation, but the tumor has been very aggressive and she is now doing Chemo. She is very down and negative and I would like to send her a card with a poem that would make her feel a little better. She is NOT dying, just struggling and having a bad 6 months. Though the doctors can't guarantee anything and she is just plain SCARED!!

  2. Does anyone know any good quotes or poems?

    I've been looking for a quote or poem for a book that I am writing. It doesn't matter how long it is. Anything, well-known or made up, will do, on whatever topic. Thanks.

  3. Does anyone know of the poem or inspirational love story regarding a box?

    I read this poem one time, it was regarding a box on the shore and a woman. At the end it says something like "I did not give you what you wanted but what you needed" It's a very touching short story and would love if someone can tell me where to find it.

  4. What is the action in the stanza? What is the author trying to say?

    please help! i have to put the following in my own words (it's part of a poem) i just never understood these things. easy 10 points! If you can make one heap of all your winnings And risk it on one turnoff pitch-and-toss, And lose, and start again at your beginnings, And never breathe a word about your loss: If you can force your heart and nerve in sinew And so hold on when there is nothing in you Except the Will which says to them: Hold on!

  5. what are some inspirational poems?

    what are some inspirational poems for women that have gone through so much in america for a long time, yet still has risen as a strong female?? im doing a junior research paper

  6. quotes to write all over my bedroom wall?

    i just painted my room and want to have friends over to write things all over one of my walls, in a few different colors. I am planning on writing quotes, sayings, poems, song lyrics, quotes from books, anything really. so if anyone has any, please tell me! thanks!

  7. Will someone please make an acronym poem for me?

    It is for my daughter, Abagale. She is a beautiful young woman, smart, funny, caring, kind. She was diagnosed with MS at age 18, but refused to let it change her life. She has had the most positive attitude, which we believe is at least partly responsible for the remarkable recovery she has made in the last three year. She is the most amazing and inspirational person I know. She is crazy about Harry Potter and she loves to work out and hang with friends and their children. Almost forgot- poem may be used, with your permission, on t-shirts for our Walk MS team.