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Inspirational Poems About Death Questions Answered!

  1. Im looking for a touching inspirational poem for someone that lost 2 children to put into a memorial.?

    Im looking for a touching inspirational poem for someone that lost 2 children to put into a memorial.I know that it wont heal the hurt so please dont write that.....just looking for some inspirational poems about death.to let someone know its not the end and that they will see each other again

  2. Does anybody have any good songs about the death of a father?

    My dad passed away 8 years ago today and I would really like to listen to some inspirational songs, or read some inspirational quotes or poems to help me get through this night. I would really appreciate it. Thank you

  3. Song and poem for the death of a bestfriend?

    I just lost my bestfriend monday to lukimia. I'm making a slideshow for her memorial and I need a song. I also wanna put a poem at the end. Please help me I want this to be very special.

  4. What should I bring in to read to my class?

    In my english class, we have to bring in a song, poem, article, or an excerpt from a book to read to our class. Any suggestions? Obviously it has to be school appropriate.

  5. What inspirational songs do you know?

    I'm a poet and music hugely influences my poems and I was wondering if anyone knew songs with either amazing lyrics or a really good metaphor or something like that? Thanks!

  6. Why are Biggie and Tupac considered the best rappers to have ever lived?

    I mean don't get me wrong, I'M NOT SAYING THEY WEREN''T, i'm just asking for your opinion on why you think they were. Me personally I've never really heard many of their songs. I like Biggie's song Hypnotize and even though I've never really heard any of Tupac's songs, I REALLY LOVE HIS BEAUTIFUL POEMS. But I would like to know why you personally think they were the greatest rappers.

  7. I am looking for an inspirational song poem or quote about losing a loved one?

    My best friend in the whole ( my MOM) passed away in january I will be getting a tattoo in memory of her..It will be of a tree and birds..to the right of the tree is room for a quote or a small piece of a poem A paragraph long maybe two....I don't want something sad although I miss my mom with all of my heart..I know that she is with her mother and father and is at peace ..I had an incredibly close connection with my MOM..and each day I feel her with me in al that I do..I do not dwell on things I wish I I had said or done..she wouldn't want to to and that's not my personality I truly believe that's meant to be will be and that everything happens for a reason. I find peace in knowing that I will see her again one day Must be positive and show the depth of my love for her..she loved nature so I wouldn't mind a few ideas that talk about nature.but I would like other ideas too..I am exited to see people's ideas..Thank you everyone in advance :)