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Inspirational Poems For Teachers Questions Answered!

  1. Whats the best inspirational poem you have ever thought of?

    Make sure your poem is your own work and that it isn't anything you have found on the internet.

  2. What are some poems related to writing being inspiration?

    Are there any good poems about writing and how it should be inspirational, writers block, or teachers who are inspirational to students or about writing in general ?

  3. what are poems about teachers you are close to and thanking them?

    I have a teacher at my middle school who was always there for me no matter what. Now i am going to high school and she said she will still be there. I want to find a poem that will show her how much she means to me and how grateful i am that she was so kind to me. I was closer to her than any other teacher in the school. And i want to show her that.

  4. I want to write inspirational and beautiful saying poems or songs on my wall does anyone have any ideas?

    I am planning to write some poems songs or sayings for my bedroom wall and was wondering if any one had and ideas of what I could use thanks

  5. Does anyone have to words to These Poems?

    These two poems are by Jewel I had the book but lost it and dont want to buy it again cause as soon as I buy it I will find my other copy. So Does anyone have the words to Saved From Myself and Lovers For Lily?

  6. What's the best way for me to start making music?

    I'm twenty years old and music has always been an inspiration to me. I have years of song writing experience. Most of my "songs" started out as poems, but over the past three months I've been feeling motivated to start making music. Making music is something I have always wanted to do, but I lack the talent that it would take to create it, plus I have no prior experience. I don't lack the creative aspect of making music though. Every time I write a song, I know EXACTLY what I want it to sound like and I know all of the instruments that would create the rhythm, the beat and the overall sound. I have only learned one instrument, and that's the flute. I didn't even learn how to play it that well. I started writing poetry in third grade and after that, I just couldn't stop because the inspiration kept flowing. I have almost never run out of ideas and I pride myself in being able to express my ideas in a coherent and metaphorical way. My musical inspirations that I have grown up with include Bradley Nowell, Kurt Cobain, M. Shadows, Notorious B.I.G, Sean Daily, David Lee Roth and Trent Reznor. I know I am way behind in the skills and talent department, but I have my mind set on this goal. I'm certainly not expecting to become the next Kurt Cobain, but I am willing to put in the work to master a musical instrument and hopefully make it to the music industry. My general approach to achieving a dream is "Keep your expectations low, but your hopes high". Hip hop is my favorite genre of music, but I also adore rock, metal and ska. My intention is to create different genres of music instead of sticking to one (which I feel would be creatively stifling). I have always wanted to be on the other side of the headphones, the one that made music fun, inspirational, profound and unique. I am willing to sacrifice everything I have to get everything I want. No matter how much money, time or comfort I have to give up to make this work, I feel like I have to know for sure it I'm as good at this as I'm hoping I am. Please guide me to the right direction, so that I can do what I've always wanted to do. I've also been observing song lyrics for the past few weeks, trying to get a feel for how to write a song.

  7. What is your favorite source of inspiration?

    So, I always have looked for the quotes for inspiration. But now that I think about it, there are so many other ways to be inspired. Books, movies, poems, sayings, people, ideas, speeches. In what ways are you motivated? Or to be more specific, what are your favorite books, movies, poems, people, etc. that you are inspired by? Creativity! Thanks (:

  8. How do you get a story published when you're only a kid/teen?

    So there's three things I would LOVE published because I'm a HUGE writer. There's this cute story I wrote when I was ten. I showed it to my teacher and she said that it was incredibly impressive and that it made her week. It's pretty much an alien dog love saga and it was pretty funny. The other thing is another love story that I started writing at 14 and am currently working on that's more mature and advanced. Lastly the other is just an inspirational message. And of course there's some other poems and stories I would like. I don't care about making money or being famous. I just want to share my writing with the world. It doesn't need to be a book exactly, I wouldn't mind if it was published online! Or even just shared with people like on a website or something.

  9. What are some uplifting quotes for teenagers? uplifting but NOT corny?

    so i read this thing in glamour where people write down inspiring quotes and post them on walls or signs or wherever people will see them. i figured that would be an awesome way to spread positive energy and make someones day a little better. and if it doesnt do that, it might be fun anyway. so i need really good quotes for these. not your typical inspirational quotes. i need ones that will stand out and actually affect people! thanks so much!