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Inspirational Poems About Life Questions Answered!

  1. Does anybody have any ideas for inspirational poems or writings?

    I am looking for any inspirational poems or writings that have to do with going on in life, coping, etc, just anything inspiring. I just learned about a week and a half ago, that a friend of mine(also my ex-boyfriend) is gay(I have posted a question on the situation, and those that answered were very helpful). And I am looking to full a personal notebook for myself with inspirational poems and other writings to help. I am already aware of the Bible(as many of you may put), so anything besides the Bible. Thank you.

  2. What are some good inspirational poems or funny poems?

    For my english oral assessment task, I need to memorise a poem and recite it to the class. With as much drama and expresion as possible, ect. It NEEDS to go for 3 minutes minimum. I want a poem that's inspirational. You know? Poems about making a difference. Or a poem about perusing your true love. Also, some funny poems would be good too. I'm still on the fence between doing and an inspirational or funny poem. I think I'm leaning more towards an inspirational poem though. All your help would be much appreciated! Thank you. :)

  3. Can anyone help me find an inspirational poem dealing with sports thats at least 20 lines?

    please help me its for class if you can't find inspirational sports poems can u give me a site to find inspirational poems

  4. What is a very special inspirational life changing meaning poem?

    I'm a 17 year old girl and am looking for some inspirational, deep meaning, educational, poem. Something that's very deep! Please list any options! Why is it you like this poem and recommend it to me! Whats your favorite line? Please please list.

  5. Im looking for a book of poems about life, inspirational and reflectional.?

    I recently gave a friend who has been through a lot over the past years a poem about life by Mother Teresa which she really loved. Im looking for a book i could give her with similar writtings, poems of inspiration and reflections about life, can anyone recomend any?