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Inspiration Furniture Store Questions Answered!

  1. What are some very expensive furniture stores?

    Does anyone know of some very expensive high class furniture stores? I want to make a small couch/love seat/ chaise lounge and I need inspiration and I have looked at all of the basic stores like Pottery Barn and I didn't find anything that I fell in love with.

  2. Is there any good furniture stores in chicago?

    When I look at reviews online for reputable furniture stores (Harlem and Ashley) all I find are horrible reviews. I just don't want to regret spending thousands of dollars on furniture.

  3. What is your favorite fashion store and furniture store?

    I need to find a really great fashion store. Tell me your favorites and why? Also, if you put something like Abercrombie, Hollister, Aeropostale, PacSun, PINK!... add another store too please!

  4. Does anyone know where to find a list of Pottery Barn furniture manufacturers?

    I know they don't make the furniture themselves and I know the markup is insane. I am interested in finding some of the beds featured in PBK catalog but not at PBK prices. Thanks!

  5. What accent colors to decorate my living room? My walls are light yellow and my furniture is dark brown.?

    I am trying to find an accent color to decorate my living room (throw pillows, vases, etc.). My walls are light yellow, my furniture is a dark chocolate brown (large sectional and tv stand) and my window curtains are a tan to light mocha color. I am trying to keep a contemporary look. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  6. How should i decorate my room?

    I have a big room. i need to use my old furniture. my bed, nightstand dresser. i was thinking about getting a makeup vanity to put in the area of my room were there is a indent thing. and then i wanted like a seating area or just like a chilling spot. I want it to be kinda fashiony and i have to like it for the next 4 years. I am a teen. Please help (: Hot Pink or something.

  7. Where can I find interior design inspiration?

    I'm about to move into a new loft apartment and I need some inspiration! Does anyone know of any good online sources either of pictures or articles that could help me decorate my apartment in a very contemporary way? Thanks! xx Emmie

  8. How can I redecorate my room inexpensively?

    I'm 14 and my room is small, with beige-y walls and carpet. I don't really have furniture, save the bedside table and the bookcase, but they don't really count, I don't think. I really want to redo it, something cool and chic and something that makes me want to be happy to spend time in it.Can you help me? Budget: Sorry I didn't include this, it slipped my mind. Very very low budget. Like, so low it's lmot non-existant. But, it's there.

  9. what color walls pillows and curtains in a room with navy blue carpet and white bed spread, brown furniture?

    My room has navy blue carpet. White bed spread and dark brown furniture. What colors should I paint the walls and how should pillows and curtains match with what?

  10. What are some online fabric stores where I can browse colors and patterns for decorating a room?

    I'm in the middle of furnishing my house and would like to find web sites where I can easily browse and see lots of different varieties of fabrics (different colors, patterns, textures, etc...) that I could use for inspiration and ideas for bedspreads, window coverings and furniture fabrics... Any suggestions around how to select fabrics and colors based on your personal experiences would be great as well!