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Daily Inspiration And Motivation Questions Answered!

  1. What gives you inspiration and motivation?

    This is a question for everyone to answer--I've been feeling really uninspired lately and have lost direction--what is an easy way to find your inspiration?

  2. What are some inspirational sayings/poems/quotes for someone who is donating a kidney to save his son?

    Hi guys <3 I really need some sayings, poems or quotes for motivation and inspiration... I know this man and he's flown halfway around the world to donate a kidney to his son in order to save his life and at the moment he is really terrified!! I really need something, really anything, to tell him to ease his nerves... Please help me guys!! He goes in on friday so please let me know before thursday... Thanks so much xoxo

  3. What are some great quotes for helping me get motivated to workout and be healthy?

    I'm fat and sick and need some good motivation to start working out and eating right. Please give me as many quotes that you can find online. Thanks

  4. How do I get a little more self discipline?

    I have trouble finding the motivation to get out of bed in the morning and be at class on time. Or to get assignments done early so I'm not slapping them together at the last minute. What can I do to really get myself to buckle down and get stuff done?

  5. How to lose weight the fastest?

    I want to lose weight as fast as possible! I joined the gym about a month ago and i attend for around an hour everyday however, i haven't seen any difference! I want to lose a noticeable amount of weight in around two months, particularly on my thighs and stomach. Is there any suggestions anyone has to speed up my weight loss? I knwo the basic facts such as burning more calories then i eat and 30-50 minutes of cardio daily and i am doing this, but not noticing any difference what so ever!

  6. What is a good motivation to start and continue working out?

    Well I use to work out a lot. Then I stopped, I want to get back into shape. So what is something that should motivate me to continue working out.

  7. I need to lose 100 pounds, how do I find the commitment and motivation?

    I know how to do it but I just haven't found the will or commitment or motivation that is strong enough to stick with it or follow through. You'd think that looking at my fat body and feeling all the negative effects would do it but I like to eat and find it too hard or incovienent to do what is necessary. I am looking for some inspiration that can help just shy of actually having that heart attack!

  8. What great motivations, inspirations or trance do you get in daily life with people, places and things?

    "Pioneer" To become what you pretend by nick you need a way broader inspiration and feeling !

  9. How can i get back into writing poetry daily?

    I am a serious poet, and have been doing in since I was a kid- But I am really having a hard time sitting down and writing. I will just watch tv or talk on the phone instead, even though I know poetry makes me feel fullfilled. Any tips on getting back to the grind?

  10. Can you guys give me some inspirational quotes about haters and bad kids who are going nowhere in life?

    I know im going in the right direction. Can you guys give me some inspiration about people who hate on you, and those bad kids at school who do drugs and get bad grades at school who will never become anything in life but losers who will windup dead or in jail. inspirational things to keep my head up and in the right direction. take examples from the losers and become better. THANK YOU!!!