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Christian Daily Inspiration Questions Answered!

  1. Books written by Christians on how to Develop better relationships with people?

    Hey, I was looking for books to help me to better develop my relationships with people from a Christian's perspective. You know, like making friends or just simply connecting with other people. I know John C. Maxwell is a good one. :) Please let me know of all the possible others. They don't have to be Pentecostal. Thnx and God Bless.

  2. What does the Catholic Church teach, as far as the bible?

    I live in a farm community, where most people are just "Christians" or Baptists. Most of my friends talk about how God wrote the bible, and stuff like that but i though it was written by Jews. I also thought that people understood that the bible is made of parables, not true stories, but my only Catholic friend says that they teach us that its true. So what does the Catholic Church believe and teach?

  3. Do most Christians decide what they personally believe is the Truth and then?

    Do most Christians decide what they personally believe is the Truth and then somehow make the Bible agree with it?

  4. Would a Bible be an okay gift to give my teacher?

    For teacher apparition week, I thought a Bible would be a good gift for my favorite teacher. I know she is a Christian and that she likes me. Would a Bible with a letter I write be appropriate to give to her? It would be in private, but I don't want her to freak out or anything.

  5. Protestants how can you call yourselves full Christians when you don't follow the true church Christ built?

    Yes, the true church that is Catholic church. Sola sciptura is man made belief, not everything is in the bible , there were and are many important Oral teachings too. Us Catholics also know that some of the Bible is allegory, particularly a lot of Old Testament . You don't take part in all 7 sacraments, we do ...you have steered so far away from Christs church that you are barely recognisable as Christians . Yet you will preach to people loudly and try convert them ?

  6. How do I get my super religious coworkers to leave the religion at home???

    I'm going crazy. My boss and a good percentage of my coworkers are "born again", and very vocal about it. They know they bother me, but they seem to think it is their duty to spout off daily sermons and blast christian rock, or else they are doing a disservice to God. Should I quit? This way of being is so deeply embedded in them that I doubt they will change. I think I'm going to quit. I’m not asking anyone to “deny” their beliefs, I’m just asking them to be respectful of my beliefs as well as theirs. I have been so tolerant and open to these people for the past two years, without getting the same in return, and I’ve had enough. Every time I have expressed a belief of mine that does not fall into place with the “born again” belief system, I get my head chewed off. THEY are the ones who are disrespecting me! The idea that Jesus is my Lord is crazy. Jesus was an amazing, revolutionary, wise MAN, and I have a great admiration for him. I think Jesus would be seriously offended by the way he is marketed by the Christian faith today. Oh, and my company is pretty small, so I am the HR department. haha.

  7. I am trying to get my life back right with God. And I want to know of some online Christian Networks?

    I do attend a church regulary but I have been having trouble making friends. I think that online it may be easier to do for right now. I was wondering of some really good networks where I could make friends and talk about Faith, God, and Jesus. Almost as a support groud...any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and God bless! I'll pray for you sweetie...believing that we came from thin air or monkeys is a superstition.

  8. What is the basic fundamental beliefs of all Christ belief based religions?

    Please do not use "Scriptures" to answer this question. Thank you.