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Daily Inspirational Message Questions Answered!

  1. Any sites to send compliments to my phone daily?

    I am with Fido, i want a daily message system to text me every day with compliments to make me feel better about myself. please if there any i need it to be free.

  2. What should I write about in my journal?

    I want to start a daily journal, but not in the normal sense. I want to pick one thing every day to think about and write my thoughts down about, sort of a way to get me used to thinking on a deeper level. I was thinking about going onto a quotes website, and writing down the daily quote and my thoughts on it. Is there any other things that I could do instead?

  3. Need some good pictures or good quotes for my art class book alteration?

    I'm doing a "book alteration" in my art class which is basically destroying a book to send a message. I'm "enhancing/destroying" New Moon and was wondering if anyone has good pictures or good pictures of quotes I can paste into the book? Links would be amazing! Thanks!

  4. My sororitys philanthropy is diabetes research and we are trying to think of a craft that relates any ideas?

    My sorority is doing a philanthropy night during recruitment and we want to do a craft or activity that relates to our philanthropy which is diabetes research and awareness. Does any one have any idea oof what we could do?

  5. How can I become an amazing writer?

    I'm 13, and I really want to become a writer (not as a profession). But I don't know how to improve my skills. Is there anything I should read or any exercises I can do? I'd like to have at least one book published by the time I'm 30. How can I become a great writer and improve my writing skills? Thanks!

  6. What is the best way to teach preschoolers how to dance?

    Which worked best for you?

  7. How do I become a better writer?

    Whenever I'm writing in ELA, I suddenly don't know what to write. There are several topics that I can't easily write about. Sometimes, I feel like the sentence I wrote is not the best and I'll probably get a 2 on all of my assignments. It's too complicated to explain, but I'm struggling. Any tips or advice? Also, please tell me how to create better sentences, mine are too simple and plain... If you answer, I thank you deeply! :)

  8. Why in Canada isn't importance of voting participation taught in schools?

    This one Canadian guy randomly traveled to Germany to obtain a new perspective on what will increase voter turnout in Canada. The YouTube video is somewhere. The German populous was remarkably helpful. They had 3 suggestions that were really good, especially from Germans who may not know too much about Canada in their daily lives. Suggestion #1: Due to the large landmass of Canada and hence some of the polling distances, Canada may want to consider electronic voting over internet instead of having to show up through harsh weather conditions and far commuting distances. Suggestion #2: Prime Ministers of the future should obtain more inspirational message that connect to the people and prove themselves stronger leaders in the eyes of the Canadian public. Suggestion #3: Canadian schools should teach at a young age the importance of voting participation to educate the youth of Canada's participation about the importance of exercising their freedoms to select their leaders and enhance democratic ideals. Amazing Germans touched on these points For suggestion #2, Obama in US was cited as a case of inspiration in 2008. However he may no longer be the powerful leader he was promised to be when the YouTube video was likely uploaded