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Daily Inspiration For Women Questions Answered!

  1. What is the fastest and cheapest way I can lose 80 lbs in 3-4 months?

    I am trying to get down to my pre-pregnancy weight and I am eating healthier and exercising daily but it just seems like I can't lose my stomach fat from having my kids. I dont know what else to do and I dont want to give up. Any suggestions and comments are welcomed!

  2. Do you or anyone have experiences with an Asperger boyfriend?

    I'd like to know what the positive things are that i should aim at. i have it myself and its damn difficult to understand people, let alone women and girls. they are a complete mystery! you can learn about the male behavior through books and expereince, but not about women they are too complicated! So could anybody share experiences if they have any about this subject?

  3. Doesn't being in the pregnancy section make you feel so good?

    I'm not pregnant but probably will be trying sometime this summer or maybe around October/November 09. Whenever I read and answer questions about pregnant women or women who are trying to conceive, I get in such a good mood and can't wait to start a family with my love. I love talking about pregnancy and I love helping people who ask questions related to trying to conceive or pregnancy. Is it just me or do you have this feeling sometimes too?

  4. Can someone with ties to the Ludwig Von Mises Institute also be a Christian?

    "The expectation of God's own reorganization when the time came and the exclusive transfer of all action and thought to the future Kingdom of God, made Jesus's teaching utterly negative. He rejects everything that exists without offering anything to replace it. He arrives at dissolving all existing social ties. The disciple shall not merely be indifferent to supporting himself, shall not merely refrain from work and dispossess himself of all goods, but he shall hate "father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life."[9] Jesus is able to tolerate the worldly laws of the Roman Empire and the prescriptions of the Jewish Law because he is indifferent to them, despising them as things important only within the narrow limits of time and not because he acknowledges their value. His zeal in destroying social ties knows no limits. The motive force behind the purity and power of this complete negation is ecstatic inspiration and enthusiastic hope of a new world. Hence his passionate attack upon everything that exists. Everything may be destroyed because God in His omnipotence will rebuild the future order. No need to scrutinize whether anything can be carried over from the old to the new order, because this new order will arise without human aid. It demands therefore from its adherents no system of ethics, no particular conduct in any positive direction. Faith and faith alone, hope, expectation—that is all he needs. He need contribute nothing to the reconstruction of the future, this God Himself has provided for. The clearest modern parallel to the attitude of complete negation of primitive Christianity is Bolshevism. The Bolshevists, too, wish to destroy everything that exists because they regard it as hopelessly bad. But they have in mind ideas, indefinite and contradictory though they may be, of the future social order" -- Ludwig von Mises; from 'Socialism' "Compare the results achieved by these “shopkeepers’ ethics” with the achievements of Christianity! Christianity has acquiesced in slavery and polygamy, has practically canonized war, has, in the name of the Lord, burnt heretics and devastated countries. The much abused “shopkeepers” have abolished slavery and serfdom, made woman the companion of man with equal rights, proclaimed equality before the law and freedom of thought and opinion, declared war on war, abolished torture, and mitigated the cruelty of punishment." --Ibid http://mises.org/daily/5863/Liberty-Is-Not-Complicated

  5. "only the last love of a woman can satisfy the first love of a man" What does it mean?

    "only the last love of a woman can satisfy the first love of a man" quoting Balzac, i don't understand this quote, would you please explain? thanks a lot!

  6. What is a good christian book to encourage a Army Mom?

    I am looking for a good Christian book that will help my friend find comfort, encourage her to pray etc for her son that is in Iraq. Any suggestions?

  7. What do you love about scrapbooking?

    I love it, but I am in a rut right now, I need some inspiration!

  8. What are some of your weight loss stories?? Especially losing belly fat?

    I'd love to hear how other people have done it, and also to get some motivation and inspiration. Thanks.