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Positive Life Quotes Questions Answered!

  1. How to live a more positive life becoming a better person?

    I have been betrayed and heart broken and much more....should I keep those people who have hurt me in my life or should I just completely ignore them? Any quotes on moving on in life and any ideas on how I should go about living a new positive life?

  2. Have you used positive quotes to help you with life?

    I find reading positive quotes that I find in self-help books and quote books to be very helpful. Anyone else had success with this and what are your favorite positive quotes?

  3. Do you know any good books that have Life Quotes ? If not, where else can I find them?

    I want a book with a bunch of life quotes and meanings, is there such thing ? If not, where else can I find a bunch of good meaningful Life quotes?

  4. Positive quotes for someone who is leaving their job?

    Does anyone know of any positive quotes suitable for someone's leaving card? I'm looking for quotes which are along the same lines as the ones below: 'As one chapter ends, another begins' 'Someone might follow in your footsteps, but they could never fill your shoes' 'Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened' Can anyone think of any which are similar to those? Thank you.

  5. What are some good positive life quotes?

    I've lost a couple of friends in my life, not by death, but by them finding other people to hang out with...but i want a good quote that shows that im happy where i am and with the people i still have. maybe another quote wih something to do with people that walk back into your lives

  6. I want to get a quote tattoo, but what are some good positive life quotes?

    I want to get a quote tattoo on my arm/bicep not exactly sure yet, but yeah I want a quote to help me get through the day, I like this quote "today's a new day, a fresh start, if you didn't make mistakes you wouldn't get far" and also "be the kind of person you want to meet" idk do you guys have any other good quotes?

  7. What are your favorite Positive and loving song quotes?

    I feel like when I do a search for song quotes I'm always getting emo, heart breaking negative quotes. What are some of your favorite positive, loving life, happy song quotes? ex: You can turn off the sun, but I'm still gonna shine -Jason Mraz

  8. What is the brand of tea that has the little positive life quotes on the bags?

    I can't remember the brand.

  9. Looking for a quote that represents always being positive and going after your dreams?

    I want to get a quote on my ribs that represents my positive outlook on life regardless of what I have gone through in the past (including losing both my parents at a young age). I would appreciate any ideas to help me find the right quote. If you don't like tattoos don't even bother trying to talk me out of this because I love tattoos and I have thought about this tattoo for a long time.