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Sad Life Quotes Questions Answered!

  1. What are some sad quotes about something that's not gonna workout?

    Maybe a sort of sad quote about giving up or trying but things are too hard?

  2. What are your favorite music quotes of all time?

    my personal favorite are always from breaking benjamin, hollywood undead, sublime, seether, evanescence, 3oh!3. i love all kinds of music ! what is your favorite love / sad / life / ect. quote ? please list the band along with the quote. thank you. :)

  3. How should I organize my quote book?

    I'm planning on having a dandy little notebooks to use for writing down quotes I like. But I'm not sure on how to organize it. Should I do it by category as in Happy, sad, life, love, music, etc? Anybody have a quote book already with ideas to share with me please?

  4. What is your favorite or some good quotes?

    It can be love quotes, life quotes, about still liking an ex, or liking someone new, something learned in life, whatevaaaaa!

  5. Are people who talk about their personal life through the internet attention seeking?

    I mean..Doing it on this site is okay because you're asking for an answer. But I like many alt-rock/metalcore bands on facebook, their admins post stuff about how they used to cut or how bad life is (first world teens who fling the term 'depressed' around when they haven't even been diagnosed and they act like it's a small matter), they also say 'this band saved me' and a huge sob story to come with it. But on their youtube pages are the worst, all the comments are really sad life stories, 'this band is keeping me from suicide' speeches and things like that. Are people like that attention seeking?

  6. Does anyone know any very sad inspiring quotes or sayings?

    I need very sad quotes/saying that could make someone cry, like sad life ones

  7. What are some sad quotes about being miserable, unlucky, being forgotten, or being a an outcast?

    I need quotes for class. Can somebody give me quotes about these topics? Feel free to give as many as possible! Lots of quotes are wanted and will be appreciated! I'll take any of them! =D Help a guy out? =)

  8. I want some quotes about life sad lonely and happy with meaning please?

    I want some quotes about life sad lonely happy with meaning please