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Inspirational Life Quotes Questions Answered!

  1. Can you guys give me any decent life quotes?

    I need a new tattoo and I wanted to get a short quote on my foot, so could you give me an inspirational life quote or your favourite lyric? List the song if you're giving me a lyric... Thank you!

  2. What are some good websites for positive quotes or life quotes?

    Any websites for inspirational, life, positive, quotes anything along those lines thanks

  3. What Life quote would you tattoo on yourself?

    I really want to get an inspirational life quote tattooed on my back but I really want to take my time and make sure its the right quote...what would you guys get? Any suggestions to help me?? :/

  4. what are good quotes to write on my bedroom wall?

    i need inspirational, or life quotes. not really long ones tho. thanks.