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Life Quotes And Sayings Questions Answered!

  1. What are inspiration quotes by russian writers ?

    What are inspirational (life) quotes or sayings by russian writers or poets or philosophers ? Thanks :)

  2. Can someone translate these quotes for me in french?

    I need help in translating these quotes in french. "Never stop dreaming" or "Keep dreaming" "Don't hate, appreciate" "What you see is what you get" "Love life" or "Enjoy life" or "Live your life" "Turn wounds into wisdom" "Relish small pleasures" "Be happy" Does anyone have any suggestions on life quotes/sayings? I need a short one :)

  3. What are your favorite quotes/ sayings/bible verses/ or lyrics?

    I really like inspirational quotes and sayings and all of that. So I really want to know what some of your favorite quotes, sayings, bible verses, or lyrics are! thanks a lot!!

  4. What are some good love, life, and insperational quotes?

    I need love, life, and any other quotes or sayings

  5. What are some quotes, sayings or lyrics about dreams?

    I'm looking for some good quotes, sayings or even lyrics about dreams, dreaming, and daydreaming. If you can tell me exactly who said/sung the quote/saying/lyric, that would be extremely helpful! Thank you!

  6. What are some good quotes or sayings of life, family, and friends?

    I'm looking for quotes or sayings that have to do with life, family, or friends Please help!

  7. What are some good quotes for people who are insecure?

    One of my friends is having an issue with insecurity. They are really insecure about themselves, but it's strange because he's so successful and get what he wants. I guess he is living life indenial? I need quotes or sayings that would help my friend realize not to be insecure!

  8. What quotes and or sayings do you live your life by?

    I'm wondering if any of you have any quotes or sayings that you live your life by and if so what are they?