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Funny Life Quotes Questions Answered!

  1. Does anyone know either some funny/dirty quotes or nice life mottos for me to have on my wall?

    My uncle does these sticker things for cars and recently he had some quotes done on his kitchen so my mum asked if i wanted one and for the past two days ive been trying to find some funny, dirty, nice life quotes to have on my bedroom wall but have found nothing, they dont have to be well known just funny or dirty or just nice life quotes, looking forward to your suggestions!

  2. Could someone help me with Funny Quotes for a story?

    I want to make a second funny quotes, jokes, and stories story on Quizilla, but I can't think up enough funny quotes. Could you help me? *After the story is published, you WILL be given credit.

  3. What are your most favorite funny quotes ever?

    I need realllllly funny quotes:) Thankyou!

  4. What are some of your favorite quotes?

    There are love quotes and life quotes and funny quotes. Which ones are your favorite?

  5. What should we put on our homecoming shirts?

    we are somphmores, our class graduates 2013 and our mascot thing is the falcons i dont wanna dumb life quotes. more like cool, funny, or awsomeee. thankss!