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Cute Life Quotes Questions Answered!

  1. What are some good quotes for aim profiles?

    What are some cute life quotes to put on an aim profile... something from an actress or or actor or movie would be good but nothing like funny or anything..just a good cute life, maybe even a little bit inspirational type of quote. PLEASE i need the help (: thankyouuu.

  2. what are some cute life quotes i can use for a laugh brochure at my school!?

    i am outting together a brochure for a health fair sorta thing and i need cute funny life quotes. etc. thanks for all the input!

  3. What are some good quotes for my facebook status?

    Sassy, cute, or life quotes that would recieve a good amount of "likes"? Thanks in advance.

  4. What are some Cute/Life quotes i can post on Facebook?

    What are some Cute/Life quotes i can post on Facebook? Thx for any responses:)

  5. What are some good cute quotes to put in my locker?

    I want some good cute love quotes to put on a sticky note to put in my locker...Or some life quotes....

  6. Any good short and cute quotes for pictures?

    I need a short and cute happy quote for my picture. It's a picture of me wearing purple headphones. Any ideas? Thanks!

  7. What are some cute likeable love quotes for facebook?

    I need some cute love and life quotes. From movies? Songs? Give LOTS OF EXAMPLES! make sure they are cute for a lot of people on facebook to "like" it! :)

  8. What are some of your favorite quotes you ever heard?

    I want quotes not about relationships or being single and stuff quotes about teen life quotes, beauty, life, family, inspirational i really want ones about like being hurt and life not being perfect and quotes about being stronger on the inside but pretty much any cute quotes you know except relationships and being single ones. Thanks so much i love quotes <3