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Funny Motivational Quotes Questions Answered!

  1. Good motivational or funny quote from a song or a movie?

    I'm making tshirts for my swim team, and I'm thinking about putting a funny/cute/motivational quote on the back. A few years ago, our tshirt said "harder, better, faster, stronger" from Kanye West's song, and another year it was a funny (but motivatoinal-ish) quote from I think it was Blades of Glory (I can't really remember), so a quote something on that line would be great. I'm having a little trouble finding the perfect one, so please help me! Thanks!

  2. What are some Volleyball slogans for team t-shirts?

    I have a HUGE volleyball tournament this upcoming weekend and my team and I are making T-shirts. Any funny slogans? Any motivational quotes? Any funny sayings? Literally anything will do(: Thanks!

  3. Can someone give me a good teaching quote?

    Can someone provide me with a couple of inspiring 'teaching' quotes that I could make a visual out of? Criteria: - It needs to be something i can visualize and make a little picture out of. - Real experiences (makes you wanna say 'that's what teaching is about') - Funny, sweet, positive, motivational quotes - Actual quotes, not a long list of websites

  4. New year greetings for text messages... "2009, some call it a fresh start but i call it a ..?"?

    Can someone complete the greeting with a funny or inspiration or motivational quote, or make your own, or share a funny or good one you've heard.

  5. What are some good quotes like this?

    Whoever says "You are as pointless as the White Crayon" isn't very smart. The White Crayon is rarely used, making its point fine. I really like this kind of quotes or whatever it is. I've tried to find some like it but I have not found any. I like all the funny, motivational, sometimes serious quotes that me (16yrs old boy) can follow, enjoy, and share it. Anyone know good quotes or where those can be found?

  6. What are some funny/motivational quotes that i can write on my binder?

    I need some for Math, Social Studies, and Language arts. Please and Thank you!!!!

  7. Does anyone have a good non-corny motivational quote for work recognition?

    I am looking for a non-corny quote for a t-shirt. It would be a t-shirt for people to wear when being recognized in work for performance. The logo is PRO or Peformance Recognized by Others. It can be funny or a little concited, but not too much. Nothing too mushy or over sentimental, thanks.

  8. What are your favorite inspirational/motivational quotes?

    Any quotes that make you feel more positive, make you smile, make you feel better or anything like that? ps: I'm not looking for sites, I'm asking for YOUR fave quotes.