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Motivational Quotes For Athletes Questions Answered!

  1. What are some motivational sportsmanship quotes from famouse athletes?

    Only quotes from famouse athletes such as Michal Jordan, Muhammad Ali......ect. THANKS!!!

  2. A motivational type book for my athletes?

    I help coach girl's volleyball. I was hoping to put together a little binder or booklet of motivational things (along with our schedule, rules, etc) to give to the girls. What types of things, quotes, whatever would you recommend putting in the binder? I already have a few quotes and I thought about the pyramid of success by John Wooden. Do y'all have any more ideas? Thanks:)

  3. A motivational quote or short story?

    I need a motivational/inpirational quote or short story to read to my high school soccer team right before our next game to get them pumped up. Any ideas? Sports-related would be nice, but it is not needed. Thanks.

  4. Do you have to give your body a rest from working out?

    I finally started working out, I'm not overweight I'm 5 feet 2'. 108 pounds, 36 years old. I'm finally motivated to do it. I've been running/walking between 1 to 2 miles a day and a dvd called slim in 6 weeks and some Pliates for Abs. My ankles are hurting. I've worked out every day for 8 day's. My boyfriend say's I need to give my body a rest. But I don't want to skip any days. Cause I'm afraid I'll lose my motivation. Is he unconsciously trying to sabitoge me cause he needs to loose like 40 pds and he's not as motivated. Or is he right, am I doing too much too fast, could that be why my ankles hurt?

  5. How to get my training motivation back?

    So, for the first month of my training/clean eating program, I was on the money- never missed a workout, ate like freaking organic, healthy clean foods only and I was SO motivated!! Like, I can't even explain how much drive I had, I was so determined and committed..I lost 6 pounds that month and was so happy! then, everything like fell apart. I lost ALL my drive! I haven't worked out or eaten clean in 2 weeks. I've been eating crap and I've been a bed/couch potato.. I'm surprised I haven't gained weight; I've maintained my 6 pound weight loss. I know if I continue eating crap and not working out, I will eventually pack back everything I've lost. I've tried reading motivational quotes all day, but I just can't get my motivation back.. I can read 50 quotes and feel totally inspired, but motivated to get up and move? nope.. it sucks! How can I get that burning desire to be healthy back?

  6. Help finding a poster for my dorm?

    I'm looking for a motivational poster to put in my dorm of a female athlete training. I would like it to look intense and quotes on it are fine. I tried googling and searched on various poster sites but they lack female posters or have amateur shots of random people in the gym. Thanks!

  7. HELP! I need to make a motivational sports video before playoffs with pictures and quotes!?

    Playoffs starts next week and I want to make a video with pictures from the games and put strong songs in it too. I need to get our team pumped up. But I need some ideas, programs to use, and help how to do it? Any takers?

  8. Any motivational quotes for injured athletes?

    Soccer. ACL shredded.

  9. An inspiration quote for the back of a team t-shirt? guys, help please?

    i need some sort of short, or relatively short motivational/inspirational/cool quote or statement or saying for the back of a team t-shirt. most of the athletes are guys... or rather it needs to be accepted by them most of all (the girls don't really care!) thanks.