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Sports Motivational Quotes Questions Answered!

  1. What are some motivational quotes for a swim/dive team?

    We're getting sweatshirts for our state team for swimming AND diving. we need a quote that would work for both sports so a motivational quote would be best. any ideas??? thanks!

  2. What are some good quotes to put as my twitter bio?

    My friends have some really good ones, like 'never regret anything because at one time it was exactly what you wanted' or 'pain is temporary, failure lasts forever'. I really want like a motivational quote, being an athlete- but any good ones will do!:D Thanks in advance! xx

  3. Whats a good motivational quote that I can post in my football locker?

    Whats a quote that will always keep you motivated and pumped up? If you could tell me the quote and the person that said it, it would be great. Thanks

  4. I want to start a fan page for volleyball?

    Is this a good idea? Like I would post motivational quotes daily tips and team statuses? What else should I do? This is for facebook ... I want to do like a facebook and instagram account just for that so I can get people more motivated for vball......thoughts? Ideas? thx

  5. What quote should i put on back of shirt for a high school girls soccer team?

    I coach a high school girls soccer team. looking to get the team t shirts for the season. I am looking for a good motivational or inspirational quote to put on the back of the shirt. Any suggestions?

  6. What are some good motivational quotes for sports?

    I already have "no excuses, play like a champion" and "play like a beast".. i need short quotes to stay motivated and help by teammates as well... just please be short. they need to fit on field hockey sticks

  7. Does anyone know of a really good sports motivational desktop background?

    I've looked for hours to find the perfect sports (american football, basketball,track or just a general fitness picture) motivational poster, I've searched google and searched websites and just cant find one that catches my eye. It doesn't have to have a sporting picture it could just a quote that involves motivation,working hard, dreams, never give up etc. Please can somebody help because this is driving me nuts lol

  8. I need inspirational motivational quotes and sayings that are for wrestling?

    Do you have anything that would be a good saying for wrestlers ?

  9. what are some of the most inspirational/motivational quotes of all time?

    Anything will do, Im just looking for some good quotes that will help me straighten out my thoughts before a sports game.